Seal VacuSeal 4366M-HS Press


Jul 26, 2006
Reno, NV
I have an opportunity to purchase a VacuSeal 4366M-HS press (40" X 60") for $2,500. Is this a decent deal assuming it's in good shape. And being new at this, what should I look for to insure it IS in good shape?

Thanks, Steve
0-inspect the bladder VERY closely--you do NOT want to get into the chage-out mode any time soon
1-heats up within 5 min or so
2-has the temp its set to(in all 4 quadrents)
3-pressure down within 30sec or & keeps it
4-pressure setting is variable--is it?
5-program keys work & the prog entered stays
6-chaging set program--that time/temp change works

use it to do a small and LARGE print--should work, yes?

7-you'll probably need to change your pigtail plug--codes have changed(here at least) in last couple yrs
8-is the glass surface smooth--not just not too bumpy but dead on smooth??? no nicks, chips, scratches---ANYWHERE
98-99 -- xport it flat and have 2-3 guys to help you at BOTH ends of the trip!!!!!!!!!! its glass in there and glass likes to break if its stressed

luck...wish this was in my neighborhood...I need that size!
What Ron said.

this is the older model, like mine, with analog thermostat and timer. As far as I know the current incarnation of Seal no longer supports this machine. If any of the components should go bad, and they will eventually, you might have a real hard time replacing them.

For about the same amount of money you can get a brand new heat assisted roller press from Drytac (and probably other sources). With the new technologies in printing constantly changing, and more of them being thermally sensitive, I would probably look at the roller press before considering what may well be an irreparable, obsolete machine.
Wally, does your Vacuseal have the sundial timer like mine?

I think I got mine in about 1983. I've spent under $500 is parts on it, though it cost me about $700 each time to move it twice and another $400 to have its current location rewired to accomodate it.
I got the egg timer upgrade. Mine's about the same age....makes a good workbench, eh?

Oh, the first thermostat to go was only about $65.00, the second, two years later was about $300.00, and I've replaced the foam twice, and the heating elements twice...once on their dime.

The vac pump still works great!