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Seal Image 62 Plus 60" Dual Heat Commercial Laminator - Ex Condition, SF Bay Area


Grumbler in Training
Apr 6, 2010
Hi all,
We are in the process of upgrading our laminator and we must say goodbye to our beloved Seal Commercial Large Format Laminator. This machine is in great working order and is a great compliment to any large format printing/printer set up - it has full heated top and bottom rollers that work perfectly and have absolutely no nicks or slices in them - they are perfect which is rare for a used machine - seriously you won't find a mark on them. It has the rear pull rollers as well as rear fans for laminate cooling as the pieces go through. Best of all, you don't need a compressor with this laminator.

There is discoloration/blemishes in the paint under the front table. It's just drips from when we cleaned the rollers over the years with isopropyl alcohol. She runs great.

The photo eyes were just replaced early this year and the machine was checked out by Image Tech over in oakland.

We're in a commercial building with very easy access to a loading dock and freight elevator.

A new seal laminator with dual heated rollers would be the Seal Image pro D which will set you back at least $25k. Go used and save a ton.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. If the ad is up, it's available. The laminator is being sold as is where is, cash only, no scams. $3300.00 obo. You can see pictures here: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bfs/d/san-francisco-seal-image-62-plus-60/6991004078.html

you can reach me at mahaha at gmail with any questions or to set up a time to see it.

here is a link to the operators manual:

Here are the specs:
The SEAL Image 62 Plus Laminator offers new operators an uncomplicated approach to post-print finishing. Designed to be user-friendly, the SEAL Image 62 Plus is ideal for mounting, laminating and encapsulating images up to 61 inches in width.

Its versatile temperature range accommodates both low temperature, heat-activated films and higher temperature films.

The SEAL Image 62 Plus is an excellent mid-range laminator that meets your post-print finishing needs.

• Touch-pad control panel with preprogrammed temperature, speed and substrate settings

• Automatic front and rear take-up shafts for release liner removal

• A swing-out, in-feed table that makes material loading fast and easy

• Swing-out supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading and positioning of materials

• Silicone rollers for effortless cleaning

• Simple film tension adjustment

• L.E.D. setting indicators

• Roll-to-roll operation (optional)

• Temperature settings: 122°F (50°C), 203°F (95°C) and 248°F (120°C)

• Built-in cooling fans to cool film for a smooth film surface during heat-sealing applications

• Pull rollers that insure consistent film tension for a flat, even finish

• Accurate electric temperature control for even heating

• Sturdy, stand-alone design with built-in casters and leveling feet

• Quiet motor operation

• Anti-static pull roller that eliminates static build-up

• Foot control for hands-free operation

• Extensive safety system with emergency stops, electric eyes and a flashing light/buzzer proximity alarm

Maximum Working Width 62" (1,575 mm)

Maximum Speed 6 feet per minute (1.8 m/min.)

Maximum Roller Opening 1" (25 mm)

Maximum Roller Temperature 250ºF (120ºC)

Dimensions Width: 86.6" (2,200 mm)

Depth: 24.8" (762 mm) (excluding tables)

Height: 48" (1,220 mm)

Net Weight 1,153 lbs (530 kg)

Shipping Weight 1,263 lbs (580 kg)


Grumbler in Training
Apr 6, 2010
$2500 firm, have to move this out. Great condition and runs well, flawless rollers. Come and get it...



MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 24, 2008
How old is the unit? Do you have purchase receipts? What is the condition? How long does it take to heat? Power - 220 v?


Grumbler in Training
Apr 6, 2010
The condition is written above ;-) it's in great condition. The date of manufacture is 2001, we've had it since around 2007 or so. I haven't timed the heat time, but I'll guess around 20 minutes for the lowest heat setting, and more like 30-40 for the highest setting? Again, haven't timed it.

page 15 has the electrical specs http://www.largeformatsupport.co.uk/user%20manual%2042-62%20Plus_EN.pdf
yes to 220.

let me know if there is anything else.

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