Scuffed Oil Painting


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 1, 1999
Holland, PA, USA
A customer brought in an oil from a trip to Italy to be framed. Where there is very little paint (the clear blue water) it looks like the painting is scuffed. The color is still there, it is just when you look to the side it looks lightly scuffed. I did point this out to her, but I wondered if you oil painters out there have any suggestions. Where there is heavy oil paint, it looks fine. Thanks.

You will laugh, but just moisten it a bit (I'd probably use 'Framers spit' but water will work just as well) If the scuff appears to go away when wet, a quick overall spray of picture varnish should make it good as new (but let the moisture of whatever sort dry first, of course...)... FIRE AWAY, everyone!
What Ellen said, except for the spit part. :rolleyes:

Also, blow or wipe it off to get rid of any dust before you varnish it.
Now Doug, don't tell us you never use Framer's Spit. I hear it's acid-free! A renewable resource, and always readily available.
Ellen and Val: actually, I have to admit that I have employed the use of the "Framer's Spit".

In discussing restoration with customers, we refer to it as a "mild enzymatic soultion" though. ;)