Scratches on mirror


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
I have a mirror with a very slight scratch (it looks like a small dirty smear to the naked eye, but under a magnifier you can see it is a scratch) ... are there any products for dealing with very slight scratches in glass?
If it's a scratch on the surface, it would be just like dealing with any scratch on any glass - ignore it or replace it.

If it's a scratch in the silvering on the back, you could ignore it, replace it or have it resilvered.
You mean I was right???

I just wanted to get something going here. Surely, at least Baer will disagree with me.

Maybe there's a great new glass-scratch remover that I haven't heard about yet.
Companies that bevel glass and mirrors use a machine to go over the bevels and polish them smooth. If there machine uses a fine sandpaper you might be able to wet sand the scratch out, or ask if they might know of a way. I might be in Left field but just trying to toss another idea.

There is no practical economical way of removing scratches from mirror or glass……yes you could have it polished out by a glass processing company…….but it would cost many times more than using a replacement piece of glass or mirror……………..
When it comes to glass, Dermot is Da Man, so I'm inclined to give him the final word on this issue.

Polishing means removing material around the scratch. This "cupping" gives a convex lens effect that can cause a distortion in the mirror. If the scratch is minor, such as a surface abrasion, polishing may work. Obtaining a polishing kit may do the trick. Having it done is too much $$.