SB'ing a WAC Class-a tunick


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Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
trying to cope with Shadow boxing a WAC's tunick. The problem is she was a she & as this was tailored to fit her, anything I do leaves some excess material(either slightly bulging outward & unsightly/wrinkley or unsightedly clumped/wrinkley inward) in the 'chest' area.There doesn't seem to be a 'happy medium'. I'm only working with @2" between the back & the glass and as we hung the tuncik from a hanger, instead of sewing it all down(less expense that way, you'a know)I actually have less room...around 1.5-1.75" to the glass, so there isnt much to work with. I've tried bubble wrap to fill out the chest area but doing anything like that immediately puts cloth too close to glass AND it still just doesnt look 'right'. This is slightly more complicated by the fact that she was 'just' noticebly larger on her right side, so what I do for the left still leaves the right with excess material, or vers-visa, looking very unsightly. I guess I could bite the bullet and just sew everything down--& pull the excess cloth to the sides/downward but no matter what I try, it still looks kinda 'frumpy'!
I am sooooo totally open for suggestions................ Ladies, I bow to your expert knowledge of the, please
I rememebr that United had a convex plexi for framing footballs, maybe they have one for this use!

Jokes aside is it possible to get a convex glass or plexi for this project? That way you won't have to perform cosmetic surgery on the tunic.
I'll try to come with something as soon as I stop laughing. Gotta get the image of that bubble wrap stuffed tunic out of my head.

If you absolutely HAVE to go with the hanger, try bunching up the extra fabric on the right side then bring the sleeve across to cover it. If there are buttons at the cuff, make sure they show so it looks like you arranged the sleeve that way to display the buttons - instead of the real reason.

Or you could just sew it all down in the time it's taking you to find an alternate method.

Good luck.

I'm sure Realhotglass can chime in here and describe how to tailor the glass with the appropriate number of bumps. LOL

Pat :D
no dome possible---economics---they wouldn't even put in glass if was not absolutely needed!!! Can't do the crossed arms thing...this IS the military & they want their trophies to be at attention! I've been playing with it and no matter what I do with it, it still looks all wrinkley/unkempt, even when it gets 'nailed' to the backer--no amount of pulling to the side/rear seems to mask over the 'excess' cloth in the bust...even tried a combination of padding/pulling/pining down...still looked bad, there is just too much material there to sucessfully cope with. Guess you really can't put 2pounds in a 1pound bag without some overflow?
Thanks for the input

You weren't around back when I had my breast implants shadowbox project going, were ya??

My project would have "fit right in" with your dilemma.

It woulda' fit, IF it fit---into 1.5 inches!!!!
It's a good thing the left side of the bust is smaller, otherwise you could feel a RIGHT tit!


Have had a similar problem and, with customer's consent we had a tailor make some alterations and charged the extra at cost.
Until I read it, I couldn't imagine what this thread was going to be about. The title sounded like it was written by the same person who came up with the band name Toad the Wet Sprocket.
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