Say it Ai`nt So

complete and total rumor, justtalked to rep, and she had already heard about the rumor
as I was told,"will never happen in a million years"
Never say Never! This industry is proving to be fickle.
Hey!!! I just heard Bob's Big Boy bought out Wendy's!!!

Any truth to this!!????

See how easy that is??
One of my reps called the owner of the company and he said it's only a rumor and without any merit at all.

so Bob's Big Boys didn't buy Wendys???
Originally posted by Steph:
so Bob's Big Boys didn't buy Wendys???
They went out on a couple of dates but he brought her to McD's for dinner one night. She thought that was a bit chintzy so she called him a cheapskate and left him holding his McNuggets.

Last I heard she was making time with some guy in a furry cape. I hear the guy is a bit of a queen though...
ru·mor n.

1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.
2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay.
Is there still Bob's Big Boy?

The only one I ever saw around here went out of business 20 years age.

Then it beacame a Denny's, That went under also. Now it's a Best Buy.

(Just putting off the job that is on my table right now, needed a bit of a break)
Is there still Bob's Big Boy?
Around here it's called Frisch's Big Boy, and there are lots of 'em.
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The "Bob's" corperation when belly up.. and many got the ax... but there were also many that were franchises... and many of those banded together... [can you say DTW and GFU?] and formed their own buying consorsium. There are still several of the original Bob's also in the Los Angeles.. including Bob's #1 in Tuluca Lake.

Man I miss the Bob's Burger combo #1. Great burger, fresh iceberg salad, and clean fries. But when Kraft bought them out... they changed the dressing... yuk.
What about Gino's.

The one around here turned into a KFC 25 years ago. They had great burgers. Roy Rogers left as well. Found one in upstate NY last time I drove through.
when Kraft bought them out... they changed the dressing... yuk.
Baer- Frisch's tartar sauce is made right here by a local company, and has been for decades. You can even buy it in jars at the supermarket. It's good fresh on the sandwiches at Frisch's, but whenever we've bought some for home use I find that it has a short shelf life and begins to separate, even in the fridge.
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Originally posted by McPhoto:
Maybe L/J is buying "Bob's Big Boy"?
Would you like frames with your burger?

Now that gives a whole new meaning to the saying
"Yuck, this burger tastes like sawdust!"
Had a rep (not Orr and not LM) in today that told me Orr's taking on about 100 LaMarche mouldings. Said "it's in the works". That should be interesting!
Had to laugh ... Got an email from my Decor rep saying they were NOT being bought by LJ -- LOL

Sombody actually pays attention to this nonsense?!?
Just read that myself and had not seen this thread yet. I couldn't quite figure out what they H he was talking about.

I did hear from a little birdie that there was one big "player" that was going to disapear soon. I have a hard time beleiving that Decor could be the "big player" they were refering to....

Anyway. Anything can happen...... and usually will given enough time.

We'll see.
Roy Rogers... now THERE is a good burger chain! We are lucky enough to have not one, but two of them right here in Hagerstown. Guess when the BigMick bought them, the individually owned franchises were exempt. Thank goodness!
I would love for Decor to buy Larson...that would make me chuckle. Then the mouldings might drop to the price of the other companies. It could happen?!