Saw Measuring Systems...


True Grumbler
Apr 5, 2005
Northern Baltimore County - horse country
I am considering buying a measuring system to use with my miter/chop saw. Currently I am using a metal ruler and how does that work for me? Marginally! I have less that no money to spend (my husband calls my framing a hobby, I hope for more down the road); currently,I am making a couple frames per week.
I am looking at Clearmount's scale (attaches to current saw). Before I continue down that road... thoughts, suggestions, experience, stories, jokes...

Thanks in advance.
We’ve used the Clearmount single mitering scale/table for years. Good system; no problems, although we use it exclusively for metal moulding.

With differing widths of moulding you may need a series of differing length “hold down” posts. If you are using it for wood moulding, the hold down clamps may be too “tall” to grab a shallow moulding below the rabbet. (Does that make sense?), so you may have to remove the clamps for wood.

But the scale is accurate and the stop is secure.

… and they're nice folks to deal with.
If you do a search you'll find many comments. All positive that I remember.

I have a Clearmount scale and I am very happy with it. (and, unlike Bill, I do cut wood with it.