Saw Blade Suppliers


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 18, 2004
The time has come to buy new saw blades. I need one for a 12" DeWalt and one for a 10" Ryobi. Quinn has been sharpening our blades, but is that the best purchasing source? As usual, thanks for your input, oh mighty framers.
I bought a new one for my 12" DeWalt at the Decor Expo from Quality Saw and Knife Co. They are located in Babylon, New York and their number is 1-800-662-SAWS. Best blade I have ever used.

Thanks, Rock.
The key to your question is to shop all sources, see what they have to offer, what are they charging and what is the service they have to offer.

My local sharpening service has been in business for more than 130 years (6 generations of the same family) and is very techincally up to date.

To me, you get what you pay for. I want the best blade I can get. My joining depends on it. They will sell me the same very high quality blades as those dedicated to our industry at the same or lower price. And they give me 2-3 day back door to back door delivery as their basic service. They have a regular route for the tool and die shops and all I do is call for a pickup.

The plus side of a local supplier is that I do not have to wait for a delivery service (UPS, USPS, FedEx)
Doing a little research on what a saw blade does...

Beyond, "yes, it cuts wood"...

can lead you through the different vaiances of teeth, grind, pitch, gullet, shear, set, and clean-out.

Every saw has all of these. And the reason there are 147 different 12" blades (in the carbide alone) is because for every advantage, you give up another advantage.

IE: for faster cut, you give up smoothness of finish. To cut aluminum smoothly, you give up tooth speed and agressive pitch along with clean-out and gullet.
Thanks for the info., Jody. I'll give them a call, also.
Anybody else with good info. on blades? To be specific, I need carbide blades, 100 teeth, cut wood moulding only--no metals, smoothness priority over speed.
I've had great sucess with Ultramiter blades from Industry Saw Blades in Burbank CA. I've been through their facilities and was impressed that they actually take the time to flatten the blade blanks before they weld on the teeth. If it doesn't start out flat - it won't end up flat. The flatness assures that every tooth cuts it's fair share. On an un-flat blade, only the teeth that stick out do the cutting. I've heard stories that their blades stay sharp and cut good for up to 6 times longer than other blades. They have a special sharpening service arrangement too, I think.