Satin black moulding touch up

Jack Flynn

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 19, 2004
Monterey, VA
I'm looking for tips on how to match satin black better when I have to touch up the corners. Trying to avoid the "purple" black look. Use markers sparingly in general, but they don't do the job at all on satin black. Already run some black on the inside of the mitered corners, though now that I have an underpinner the corners are tighter anyway. My question relates to touch ups anywhere on the profile that can be seen. Any suggestions? As always, thanks.
Go ahead and use the Tombo or Chartpak... then lick your thumb and rub.

Rub untill it dries. That will negate the shin and the purple hue.
Thanks...spit "applied sparingly" is a solution to so many framing problems....and I don't have to wait for the truck. I'll give it a go.
I actually use the dark brown marker on black mouldings which leaves no shiny residue on the moulding. Try it, it works!
It also helps to keep your marker angled so it can't touch the finish.
Thanks, I'll try the brown...and keeping the marker up on point.
Get some black "brush pens" from the art supply store, making sure that they boast of "pigment ink" rather than dye. Then hide them from your coworkers in your secret bag o tricks. That should eliminate the purplish sheen, and will sometimes be the ONLY touchup for certain frames.
I really hated using black moulding because of the purple mark. I began experimenting with some other ways to touch up & found that if I mixed black putty with some wood filler until I got the color that matched the moulding it seemed to do the trick. The wood filler still seems to harden even with the putty mixed in.
Try black daubers, they dry black on black mouldings. We mostly use wood daubers for coloring moulding ends before joining and get ours from M&M Distributors, but also check United.