San Diego PPFA show

nona powers

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 15, 1999
san diego
Just wanted to invite everyone to come on out to lovely San Diego to the PPFA show next month. There will be some good classes and the PMAI always puts on a fun conference. San Diego is my hometown, born in Idaho but after living in San Diego for more years than I want to count, this is the best place to live and visit. The zoo, the mountains, the wine country, the Gaslamp district downtown (good, good places to eat) art museums (excellent photography museum as well as the Mengie a craft museum) Mexico right next door. You can take a trolley to Mexico and then a cab after walking across the border. So much to do and see.

One of the classes is being taught by some local PPFA members; Brian Lehr, woodcarving and gilding, Gene Williams on multi angle frames and Rick Sturdivan on French Matting. It’s a chance to see how they do it and all three of them are very good framers. Thursday evening, called Showcase of Specialties. (I'm teaching two classes on color and design and the recert class.)

The airport is right downtown so the cab fare to the hotel is cheap and there is probably a shuttle

Now I don't want all of the other shows to get mad at me for posting this. There are many good shows, but only one San Diego!!
Nona, I can not believe you did not mention San Diego's number one tourist destination, John Baker Picture Frames in beautiful Ocean Beach.

How could I forget. So sorry, so sorry. Of course, the best reason to come to San Diego is to visit with you!!!!
We have Grumble night in Atlanta, lets have it in San Diego at John's. I'll bring the Pzza. You can'r have any though unless you go hear our great framers in their class.