sample display


Feb 9, 2004
Manila, AR
This may have been discussed before and if it has you can let me know and I'll search it. But, I'd like to know how some of you display your corner samples in your shop? I have mine on a 2x4 painted board and then velcro on board and backs of samples. These are along my walls in the lobby. I just wonder if there is a better way? I have velcro strips on the backs of the samples and sometimes they want to pull off the samples when they are heavy corners. I have the velcro on back of samples stapled, plus there is some sticky glue type stuff that don't hold good.

Just wondering what are some alternatives. :confused:
thanks a lot.
Debbe, EVERYTHING has been discussed here before. The more important question might be: Were those samples free?

Velcro is nearly universal on wood samples and is widely used on metal as well. I have heard of hanging samples with magnets, but I don't see an advantage.

When I first opened my shop, I had my samples hanging on golf tees stuck into 1/4" pegboard. Now THAT was a classy presentation.

Do that search. You'll find plenty of ideas, but nearly all of them come back to Velcro.
I think soon you will lose your rank of "Picture Framing God" and become "Picture Framing Instigator".
I rather like the image of the Greek gods sitting around, looking for ways to make trouble for the mortals.

I've been thinking about turning you into a ferret, Jay. I just need to make sure it's in my job description.
This is one of the better discussions, I think. (I waxed poetic in it, so it must be.)

What I’ve been using on the wall for about a year now is some neutral colored, cheap carpet. Velcro holds very nicely to it. I walked into the carpet place with a few corner samples and test drove their swatches. I had to have it installed and the guy thought I was nuts, but it seems to hold better than the soft fabric I had used before that.
If you decide to have carpet attached to your walls - even if it's the same stuff that's on the floor - check with your fire marshal first.

I'm not making this stuff up as I go along.

Bill I thought you meant this discussion - the one that's going on right here right now.

I can barely make out your blue link against the blue background. Do you think you could underline it, make it red and maybe bigger?

Thanks so much.