Salvador Dali...Surreal but is it Real ???


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Jan 11, 2003
Pensacola Florida
A customer brings in a Salvador Dali Lithograph...signed (?) and numbered 8/100...A truly horrific framing job......Stated he and his wife bought this back in the 70's at some charity auction...Flips it over and shows me a statement of Authenticity affixed on the back that looks like some child in Kindergarten made...Shows that it was sold by "Collier Art Corporation".........Just says "Gala" and has a serial number hand written in ......This sort of reminded me of the "Cruise Art" that I ran into last year....I can not find out any detail info on the Collier Art Corporation....Anyone out there got any info as to this piece...
After looking it over I sort of get the feeling that the "Collier Art Corporation" is a subsidiary (sp) of the "Acme Corporation" where the Road Runner Coyote got all of his contraptions !!!
Any info/help would be greatly appreciated....
I found THIS LINK with Dali lithos. It has a lot of info on the series that you might find helpful.

I just did an MSN search for dali gala and got 377 hits!

Hope it's helpful.
For your own sake and the well being of your business, assume that it is the real McCoy (or Dali) and treat it accordingly. Why would you want to establish that it is a fake? I can not understand your motive. What good would come from "discovering" that it is a forgery? Perhaps you are thinking of purchasing it for your own collection and are hoping for a better price?

Every picture that comes in for framing should be treated like it is irreplaceable. Why do you think your customers want things framed in the first place? They regard whatever it is as "worth framing" and want to display it on their walls. To try and DISPROVE that it is "worth framing" does not make sense to me.

Whoa! John! I don't think there was ever any question about whether or not the piece deserved framing. Maybe it is just J. Micheal's curiosity. I know I would like to sleuth the story behind the art. How awesome it would be to actually be responsible for framing a piece of art that is actually signed by Salvador Dali.
And, hey, if it's not the real deal, so what. Make it beautiful anyway!
"The Great Dali Art Fraud and Other Deceptions" by Lee Catterall will supply you with much information about the authenticity of the piece in question...It is still the client's choice as to whether or not framing is in order.
You might want to check with your doctor about having your medications adjusted !!! :D
You had me re-reading my post....I never mentioned anything about "NOT" framing this piece...and I sure don't send a copy of my Grumble post/questions to my customers....Mecianne is right...Just Curious as to where this art could have come from since I had heard something about the great Dali Fraud Scandal...Thanks Wally Fay for the link..a
very interesting article..I appreciate the help....I have learned a lot from the Grumble and I have arrived at the point where I would frame a piece of cardboard to Museum Standards !!!
So John.....How is your day going so far ?

I have owned and sold over a dozen signed Dali lithos. I had to give a written guarantee stating if the piece is ever proved to be anything other than authentic, I would give a full refund. Thanks to the great Dali fraud scandal, I will have those promises hanging over my head the rest of my career. This is the reason I probably over reacted on this issue.

On the other hand, as framers, who really gives a darn what they are, as long as we get to frame them.

It is amazing what has and is happening in the art world...the link Wally Fay sent about the great Dali scandal hand an article in it that said that Salvador antied up in a poker game with/for the use of his signature..
And he lost the pot and he agreed to hand sign some 17,000 blank print sheets !!! Then he goes and looses count and signed 3,000 more than he was suppose to....So the great Dali Scandal took off....Anyway...I thought that was pretty interesting.....

John...a lady came in today with an very beautiful old frame and said it was her Great Grandmothers....She said she wanted to do something with it but really did not know what to do....So I sold her on the idea of me putting it in a beautiful Shadow box....Charged here $987.50.....It was my first time to ever frame a frame !!!

Disclaimer: The above story is purely fictional...It was a lame attempt to get a rise/laugh/chuckle out of John.....Howd I do !!!

J. Michael
J Michael:
Your post reminds me of the treatment you often see on hand painted porcelain panel pictures. They are directly framed in delicate, brightly gilded ornamented finished corner frames, and then the whole framed porcelain is mounted in a deep shadow box (usually black) under glass. Wonder if Paul Frederick invented this technique? ;)