Safety question

Required every square foot of the store, no exceptions
Yes to all the above plus hearing protection in the saw room.
No employees here, but personally I wear Birks to work on occassion.

I also have been known to kick <strike>pains</strike> panes of glass at times. And have had to pick shards out of my feet. And OH those little splinters that fester in there grinding away till they come out on their own. Those hurt, a lot! But would I dare to require others to wear better foot wear? I say let them follow my example! They'll pick better footwear on their own in a heartbeat!

(BTW I am not kidding, also not too bright, or too much to luck at, thank god I am making tons of money or else I'd be a really poor "catch"!)

I should probably wear but don't own steel toed boots.
And no shorts in the back room, same reason as no open-toed shoes.
Flip Flops have been ruled out after an ugly incedent with a box of glass.

No open-toed shoes
no free swinging shoulder bags
no stepping backwards without looking first
anything over 24x30 and you wear the glass gloves
ear and eye protection when needed
only one hit of Unseal per day

Val, if I required long pants, I'd have to quit.

c'mon Baer, I wear my Crocs to mow the lawn...
No stepping in any direction without looking first! ;)

I wear open toed shoes to work in the summer.
If I had employees I might have to change my ways.

What are Crocs?
Deb I thought Baer was referring to his feet looking all nasty *** and wrinkly! Guess I was wrong, although I have seen x-rays posted on a dubious website!
On the other hand, Wally- (or other leg)

I wear really long pants to work. I was looking today and I keep stepping on my pants. Thank goodness I didn't have to cut anything over 48" today and get out the stepladder for the upright cutter!

I forget when it's just me, if I get hurt, I get hurt. If it is an employee, they get hurt, my pocketbook and the business gets hurt too!
are they all they have a lining on inside or do your sweaty feet get nasty red marks on them????

Top reasons you gotta have 'em

1.) Really soft, super comfortable, molds to your feet
2.) Barely there, weighing only 6 ounces
3.) Vented so air passes through, keeping feet cool

And even more reasons

4.) Non-marking slip-resistant soles*
5.) Bacteria and odor resistant
6.) Ultra-hip Italian styling
7.) Port holes allow water and sand to pass through
8.) Can be sterilized in water and bleach
9.) Easy maintenance, just wipe clean
10.) Orthotic molded foot bed for ultimate comfort and support

and like Birkis, you can also "Go Geek" [wear socks].
I remember when we had a complete clutz working here and after a few claims surprise inspectors came through and we had to end up buying better headphones, eye protection, put guards on stuff, change the way we stored glass....

but the worst thing, the most awful thing, was that we had to buy glass gloves and force the employees to wear them while cutting and carrying glass and fitting pictures. Everyone was so freakin miserable.

Oh man, those guys hated the Morso chopper. They were convinced it was missing all sorts of protective parts, but apparently they couldn't do anything about it.
Baer, are they Max resistant. The dog loves a good shoe to gnaw on
Originally posted by Paul N:

Note to Steph: Baer's Crocs will be the talk of the town in Saratoga....LOL
Don't worry Paul I know all the side streets, we can lose him if we have to ;)
I have on a pair of Isotoner slippers on right now
I must be crazy, but I just wear whatever I feel like.

Ahlene is pretty much the same as me. Hope the inspectors never come to my store. One day I have a skirt on, the next dress slacks, and then jeans.
My customers laugh about the slippers and say thats one of the things they come in for, because we are so laid back.

Although, it's really not the safest or smartest apparel for work.

8.) Can be sterilized in water and bleach

This fact tells me that over time when I am looking for my shoes I might smell them before I see them! :eek:
No sweating, no nasty red marks. They do make neat skwishy sounds when they get wet. As with Birkenstocks they can be worn with socks, but not in Florida except in winter.
Actually, they breathe kwite well. I wear mine 'round the house and while doing yard work.

Might have to get some of those with the nylon top to wear while kayaking. I think the bright blue with the yellow kayak would look smashing. Oh, and SAFE too! (sorry 'bout the thread hijack.)
Check with OSHA regulations, that should dictate footware,eyeware, ear protection, etc.

Anything else, you are just inviting a W. Comp case(s)

I don't have an employee right now, but I did allow shorts. Had a hard time getting them to wear the eye protection. Harping doesn't help, so it must be made a condition of employement. Wear them or else!

my 2 cents

Ya know, it's the toes I like to cover, and the Crocs will do that job. The Crocs craze has swept through suburbia here in GA, and they get rave reviews. If you think they're just for the "young folk", well, Baer and Wally are two more examples that these things have jumped generations. (don't get offended, by young I mean my kids' ages- 7 and 9!) The "safe" color choice for men is black...boring! our guys aren't sporting black!!!

That's actually how I know the lovely blonde Baer posted on the blonde thread is not an Atlantan- he's not wearing Crocs! Oh, and they have 'em in that purty green color, too! :D
I'm waiting for my special order Purple ones... They think Minnisotta Vikings, and thats fine..

What do they know in Colorado about Huskey Fever?

I do have the kids giggle and point at my Racer Reds.
I wear AirWalks around the house and yard. They are similar to Crocs but I got them at Payless. I didn't know about Crocs until yesterday when I read this post........

My question is..

Are Crocs even more comfy than AirWalks? If so I gotta get a pair.
Wally I keep a pair by the rear door on the deck. I change into them when ever I go into the yard and change back when I go into the house. The ability to be completly cleaned in bleach and water is a plus if you have a dog in the yard.LOL

I agree with all the comfort factors also .Some times I don't use the strap ( when I am in a rush)and when I am concerned with slipage I do. besides Mario Batali wares them ( the Orange ones ,like mine,I'm Italian too.LOL ) all the time on his show and in his Kitchens . I even saw an episode where there was a promotion for them with Mario's picture in a show window filled with all sized orange Crocs.

Come to think about it isn't Mario's dad's Sandwich shop from up around Baer?
Baer try this link:

The shop is named Salumi ( I think, I am not a world traveler and Gourmet like some.) it is in the Pioneer Square of Seattle and his dad's first name is Armandino I belive. But the Link has more and better info.I just remember it from one of the Food network shows "Multo Mario" I think.
In reality I think the softness and openness of the Crocs might not be be the best deterant for a faling shard of Glass or even a heavy object like a case of glass. But they are confortable and STYLISH.
Do they come in Narrow? I still can't reach my feet very wellto tie shoes, wearing slip-ons, but my skinny feet fall out of clog-type shoes. They sound so comfy!
They're just starting to catch on here, but mostly with the medical personnel people with their scrubs, I saw a lot of them when I was in the hospital. I love the colors!
Thanks Buddy, Salumi is a great sandwich... but there is no parking around there... so it's a rare treat when I'm in Seattle...
OSHA does not actually specify when foot proction is required. They leave it up to the employer to make that determination. However, if you have injuries due to heavy things falling on feet you may have a hard time justifying your decison.

Excerpt of a letter from posted on OSHA's website:
The OSHA regulations pertaining to employee footwear are found at 29 CFR 1910.132 and 1910.136. In general, the standard requires that foot protection be used whenever it is necessary by reason of hazard of processes or environment which could cause foot injury. Normally, the employer will determine which, if any, of the employees are exposed to a foot injury hazard. This does not mean that those employees requiring foot protection are required to wear foot protection at all times when working. When employees are exposed to the possibility of foot injuries, foot protection shall be worn. When employees are not exposed to possible foot injuries, foot protection is not required by the OSHA standard, which then becomes solely a matter of employment conditions existing between the employer and the employees, and where applicable, subject to any labor/management contractual agreement.