SACA show in Bologna next weekend

Hannu Nystrom

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Mar 10, 2002
Tampere, FINLAND
Who's coming?
We could sit down in Good Grumbler Spirit and drink a couple of litres of espresso some appropriate moment during the show. I'll be there from Friday to Sunday. It would be nice to see the old and meet the new grumblers.

I have tried my best to refrain from posting, but I just couldn't help myself.

This reminds me of a cartoon in Mad Magazine some 35 years ago - 2 kids were watching tv and the announcer was saying something to the effect of, "It shows one's maturity to listen to Beethoven's symphony without thinking of movies or cartoons." The two children were sitting quietly and then in the next frame their dad comes through the room with a beer shouting, "Hi Ho Silver - Away!"

I was just wondering how long it would be before someone mentioned Oscar Mayer.

And don't tell me that it didn't cross your mind either.

Oh please, oh please, oh please, forgive me!

Ah Hannu, can't tell you how much I would love to drink with you in Saca. Oh well, maybe another time. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow right? I have not been able to find it but still looking.
It was a very long and much fraought over choice of going to SACA and the friends that will be there, or keep peace in the family and attend a cristening.... (jeez. just hose the kid down already and be done with it).

If you happen to see a very tall regal lady with LOTS of gorgous silver hair, done up like a Mouka print, and her name is Cnt. Frederica du Savil, give her a hug for me and sit down for a drink with her. She has a photographic memory and LIVES the history of frames. If her twin brother is there too, all the luckier.
Framers originated from all possible professional fields except one: no framer was previously a sailor. Or was it?
Nona, my tourist guide, when did you actually start drinking? I'm worried! If I have a chance, I'll tell Nielsen-Bainbridge folks to hire you for SACA next year.
Jerome, I've been pretty busy lately and not much energy to browse TG, but I promise to join some night. I didn't check the details yet but I assume it's euro night time?
I'll report if I happen to find something interesting in Bologna, though I'm afraid this year's hits will be weird frames (again) and some tools that Grumblers heard about a long time Lite-Grip and tacking guns... ;)