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Running out of patients???

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Exactly how much patients should I have with one of my 2 suppliers. I have had about 4 bad experiences with this company in a month. When is enough, enough? I am really really tempted to mail their samples back to them. This latest escapade has extended across the counter to my customer. I ordered the number THEY PUT ON THE SAMPLE. I used and sold it. The customer calls and said “Jay, that’s not the right moulding. The one I picked out had gold around the inside.” Now this is something I should have noticed but I didn’t. When I looked at my invoice, the number matched what I wanted to buy. However I don’t even have a sample for the one they sent me. To top it off now they don’t even have in stock the one I wanted to order in the first place. In a minute I have to tell this guy that I screwed up and furthermore I will be getting a moulding in soon and I have no idea what it looks like. SIGH.
Jay, I have been in this position before with two different suppliers. Both were boycotted for 6 months, and both noticed. One was much improved after I had a long chat with the rep when she stopped in to see why I no longer ordered moulding. It has been 5 years since the boycott and the problems are almost nonexistent now...nothing beyond the norm, which I can deal with. The other also sent a rep around, and they flagged my account (Probably as PITA!), and service was better for a while, but has been slacking off again, so I just don't order anymore. It just was not worth the hassle. Schedule an appointment with your rep, and in the meantime look for a backup supplier.
The supplier I like has offered to match as best she can the moulding that I would like to rid myself of. I would really like to work this out with this distributor as they have said they have interest of adding me to their route. I would love to have 2 distributors that deliver weekly. They are always apologetic and concerned but then it just happens again. My last chop was 10" to long, which cost me! Heck I even called and complained about the samples they sent me. I guess that should have told me right then.

As a matter of fact I now have an official store policy. "If there is any problems with samples from a distributor, throw them away. Then never call that company again. EVER."
Heck now that I think about it I don't have a single item in my store from L-J. Yep not a single thing.
Jay, you might want to reconsider your position on L-J. One of the ways they got so big was by minimizing screw-ups.

Years ago, I got so mad at them that I pitched every sample, but I think they're getting the hang of it now.

Ron, because I am still a small fry, I LOVE weekly deliveries. I would have to carry another company exclusivly or order frames every 4 weeks in order make shipping frames worth wild. Also, I don't have a position on L-J. I'm just waiting to be sold I guess. I opened April 1st and have sold exactly 20 frames up to today. I only had 2 shipped to me at a cost of exactly $13.50. This kills my margin. I feel like I will reach a transition soon where I will need to offer more choices but can order more than one frame at a time to save on shipping. This is what truly aggravates me about this company is that I am having trouble with them AND paying shipping. Those two will not work.
You need to figure that freight into the cost and service the customers. Most companies will ship a chop the next day. Ordering one at a time is not the best choice but keeping customers is a must.
Jay, we all have situations like that from time to time. If your troubles with a moulding company are inteferring with your design process take the samples down until the problem is resolved. You don't need to be hindered by that at the design counter. The same goes for ordering chops. Figure the freight in and forget it.

If you could tell us what moulding you need someone here might have it.