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Dec 18, 2004
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Just a quick one. Does the product Rub n' Buff dry to the touch or remain waxey? Looking for something to touch- up a gold and silver frame. Any other neat stuff out there?
It dries. It is more like a paint in a tube than a putty.

It dries, so don't use it on your face for your Halloween costume if you want to be the Tin Man.

Don't ask....
Oh, we had it alright! Didn't have to have those reflective don't-run-over-my-kid strips, either. It was fun, until time to go to school the next morning...she (my daughter) refused to go. Nearly scrubbed her face off, but we eventually got it all off. Unseal did it. She's 26 now, and still holds that against me!

Great stuff in the frame shop though, for adding highlights here and there!
Oh danny boy - (sorry!) - Rub n Buff dries out in the tubes soon as they are opened and it oxidizes on surfaces and turns dark.

Try some of those Liberon products - they are real spiffy - plus you can buy them from United!!! I am collecting the gilt enamels - they are kwite wonderous! They dry fast to a hard shine and you can mix the colors and they do shine!
Mar, are you talking about Guilters paste?

My Rub & Buff is probably 10 years old... and still good. If you want to paint it on.. find Treasure Gold.

Almost made it to your place last week Danny, but it was quarter to 3 and I was in Eugene...
I've never had any luck with Rub n Buff - it gets hard and dry in the tube and then I cut it out of the tube (all dust and crumbles) and mix it with turps - too much bother!

I think the Liberon stuff is far superior (at that price it should be!). So far it has been the little jars of paint (enamel - I forget what they're called) with exotic names for the metallic colors (catalog and jars are at the shop - I have all the colors).
Liberon is nice, but I like Baroque Paste. Think that is the name. That stuff was used in Vegas, neato. You can paint, you can smear, you can thin it out-many things. Great coloars as well as golds and silvers.

Gilders paste is far superior. It can be applied to the surface of the finish and seal coated after it dries. Also comes in 24 colors (12 metallic) that are inter-mixable. Also, if you happen to leave it uncapped, and it dries out, a drop of spirits will rejuvenate it.
Never tried the Guilder's Paste, but Treasure Gold is far superior to Rub 'n' Buff which dries out in the tube and doesn't apply as easy. Treasure Gold comes in little jars and can be rubbed on or painted on with a brush dipped in distilled turp.

Classic Gold from Treasure gold does a fairly good approximation of gold leaf. One thing about it though is that it can develop a mold on the top. However, it's like aged cheese...scrape off the mold and now it's aged three years and two months!...makes it better, doesn't it?

I do the majority of my touch up work with Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil colors. Their metallic gold and silver oils are wonderful to use and I can hit almost any finish when mixed with other oil colors.

For wash finished frames I use Createx Pure Pigment.

Dave Makielski
All right Val noone else has commented so I will.

You used UnSeal on your child's face and she only holds the Rub-n-Buff against you!? Count yourself lucky she hasn't sued you for permanent disfigurement!
Rub and Buff doesn't have much in color variations. Suggest you look into Liberon; several shades and they can be mixed for more shades.

Jack Cee
Oh Bob, it was mostly gone by the time we got to the unseal, just a little around her nose. And we didn't know about how nasty that stuff was then, like spray adhesive, that was 20 years ago!

No disfigurement, as you can see...
Wow - I've had Treasure Gold turn to rumbly nuggets in its tiny pots, and had the tube of Rub 'n' Buff dry closed, but not the whole tube dry out.

Holy cats, Val! That is one stunning daughter! It's a good thing you "ruined her looks" with UnSeal - otherwise she might have turned out too beautiful for us to look directly at her.
Now that I think about it for a minute, Unseal might be one heckuva great exfoliant! Hmmm....where's that can...
(sorry about the picture, couldn't resist the chance to be a Proud Mom...but the burden of proof with the Rub-n-Buff and know!)

P.S. I've had tubes of Run-n-Buff that are years old...I keep each one in a tiny ziplock bag, and they haven't dried out yet. Treasure Gold, on the other hand, I've had jars that came new, dried out!
Eeeewwwww! The SCARRING is so disfiguring....

other than that, she takes after her mother...

thinking of that, if I was 20 years younger and single.. I might take after her mother too... LOL :D

Don't let her grow up to be a cowboy or framer.

Your daughter is beautiful, but if you look down at her legs you can still see some of the gold rub left!

I just rubbed a whole can of UnSeal on my face, and I look nothing like your daughter! Did I apply it wrong? Should I have used an undercoat of Rub n Buff first? Should I have shaved first?

Next time she harasses you about her golden glow, just look at her face and smile. She got those great looks from you, not UnSeal! And now you have proof that it isn't only skin deep as you probably peeled layers off and got to her true self!

Oh yeah Danny Boy, I prefer treasure island gold rub. Although the before and after pictures of Rub'n'Buff are VERY impressive!
Bob, it was silver. Tin Man, you know. And just for the record, that wasn't my idea. The frame shop was built onto our home then. It was one of those "Oh yeah, that cool silver stuff Mom's got out in the frame shop!" schemes. I was working on my own elephant. After a long silence (Silence was not golden, but silver in that case!)... "Look, Mommy!" Mommy nearly had a stroke! She sure was a hit trick-or-treating though!

And Baer, she grew up to be a mortgage broker! Who'da thought?? And...if you were 20 years younger, you'd be younger than me! You an older- woman kinda guy??? Oh Martha....!!!

Now, back to the Rub-n-Buff......I, personally, love the stuff!
Hey she is a looker...did it improve her looks? Could rub-n-buff have a new facial treatement? Should I try it? Could it help this mug?

Patrick, she was 7 when she did that. Go ahead, try it! Let us know and post pictures!!

And PaulSF...she's getting married in November. Sorry. (Besides, you're a offense, but....what Baer said...that goes for marryin' one too!... :D )

Now, how about that Rub-n-Buff??
Allright Baer you talked me into it - I've gone for Baroque - ordered 8 tins of the stuff from United's website just now - my oh my they make it SO easy to place an order!!!
Well, I said I ordered 8 tins of Baroque Gilding Paste from UMS - but youse guys must have got there before me! They only sent me ONE!!!

Verdigris. And it is U-G-L-Y! Maybe it will look better on something but I was NOT expecting dark avocado. Euuuu!

Where are my lovely golds and silvers and bronzes - alas alack!
Peter ate 'em. He'll eat anything that looks good. :D

just kidding Peter... don't bite now... PETER?!?! Why are you looking at me? I didn't eat them.

he took them to Atlanta.