Roma Samples

Bob Doyle

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 14, 2002
South Berwick, Maine
What's the scoop. I am hearing that there are back-orders and DC'ed mouldings with this company.

I just had their rep walk in, first time ever saw him around. He wants to know if I carry their stuff. Should I? I know the headache with LM, but I like the Roma lines.

To paraphrase the movie, "if I carry them, will they come?".

I told the rep to come back after the spring show and I'd talk to him then. Didn't want to lose 2 hours of the day and then more after the show.

Thanks for the input!
I couldn't be happier with Roma. I have had few out of stocks. They are pleasant to work with. They have great stuff, lots of eye candy.
Thanks Kathy,

That's what I thought, but then I got that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomache. Needed to be sure before I took on more samples! (My walls are a little bare, eh Erin!?)
We like Roma ... some really nice designs ... only "complaint" is that we would like to see our rep more often.
A bit of a caveat...Roma says it themselves on the back of their mouldings "This hand-crafted Italian moulding reflects the finest tailoring with slight variations that may naturally occur."

I think it is a bit of an understatement. Making sure that your client understands that the moulding you get is not going to necessarily match the sample is the challenge, which, if overcome, makes for some beautiful frames.
Be very specific about what you want if you are planning on cutting your own. Short length orders can be literally interpreted and you might end up with what you ordered, but not what you want. I ordered 14' of a moulding from them (every other distributor would send at least 2 sticks 8' long each) I got a 10' piece form one run and a 4' piece from another. Didn't match, and I couldn't cut the frame from the lengths provided. We did get it straight eventually, and they were fine to deal with, but I learned to order exactly what I want. "2 sticks, no less than 7' each from the same lot".
I have had very little if any out of stock issues with Roma.

That, in a nutshell, is the issue I have with ordering length! I have a wall of it, and if I can't get a whole frame out of the stock I have, then I feel like I have to order "at least" enough to get one frame. By that I mean that if I can cut three legs, but not the fourth then I can't cut any safely. I used to order enough for teh one leg needed, but invariably it wouldn't match the other three sides and I'd have to reorder.

Only once did I order chopped and not have all four legs match. It was a large frame and LJ cut one of the legs from a different stick. Took a LONG time to get it fixed! When I buy length, I kind of accept the variability for the "increased profits" but when I pay a surcharge for chops (as I see it!) I want the legs to match, AND the mitres to be good! Hey, I'm paying for it, I should get what I want, right?
One of our best lines. Great service, no out of stock issues here.

Great looks, lots of things that no one else carries. Wally's point is absolutely accurate - you don't have to order "extra", just be specific in ordering. One of the things I like best is the multiple profiles/lines that carry the same finishes - it's easy to work with small, medium and large pieces and frame them all to "match" when the customer is looking for that.

Reccomend them highly

I have probably said this before...

I am very much emotionally attached to Roma. I love their products. I have never had a moments trouble with them and never a stock problem. Knock on wood. Most everything in my house is framed with Roma moulding.

Having said that, the Roma line is not a big percentage of my total business because of price point. I will always have some amount of their samples on my walls.
I frequently order from a number of vendors after a busy Saturday - Roma always wins the race. First chops or length in the shop- often by Wednesday. Variation only a small problem with the burls but as Kathy put it so well - delicious eye candy. And I completely agree with Jerry. I, too, would call it a line that framers would take home for their walls. I was introduced to the line by a framer whose work I really respect. Rome has classy stuff that can be priced for profit! Good company.
Roma moulding is a lovely product to work with and look at and is popular with the customers. They have a distinctive look that appeals to a wide cross section of customers. They have exciting designs that have the framer in mind: they are easy to stack and each line features a nice variety of sizes and fillets. No orphans in this line! They also have nice length specials.
I don't remember any out of stock issues with them.
Some of my customers find them to be a bit pricey-I make sure to have a few 'lookalike' samples around.
Strongly recommended line.

edie the isoundlikeacommercial goddess
I love Roma. My favorite, and now that they don't charge for samples it a wonderful line to carry.

When I opened, they charged for their samples. I have to say though I haven't seen a rep in a long time, but did get a free catolog this year. That was something else they use to do, Charge for catologs.

You should also look at their line of photo frames and boxes. Very pricey but so beautiful.

I love them and would highly recomend them.

Roma is one of my favorites. Their service has been very, very good. My only complaint is what Wally said about consistency with the corner samples. Their acid-wash line is absolutely beautiful; and I love to sell it. But the finishes do vary.

If I don't see a sales rep, I don't care. Their catalogue is great (except it's bound and the separate price sheets keep falling out... Life's tough) and the lady on the other end of the phone is super-helpful.