Roma Regatta Moulding


Nov 17, 2004
Houston, TX
I have a quick question on making corners match. We have a line of Roma moulding called Regatta. It is very attractive with a wavy design on the front.

Our problem is that the design makes it very difficult to get the corners to meet. If you have a valley in the design against one of the peaks, it will be very obvious. I can see that a little planning before cutting will help get a couple of corners to match up, but the remainuing corners will be a function of the length of the sides.

Are there any tricks that we are missing? Or should we just avoid that moulding line?
Liz, If you take the measurement of what the sight lip will be, you can align that with where the chop will fall. Slideing you initial cut to give you the most median cut at both ends an both sides will result in either a match or very little puttying.

Also don't forget to color mark your ends before joining.

If this is still confusing, give Dave Lantrip a call.
Lantrip: a.k.a. Framer Dave. When we use Regatta we search for the "pattern" of repeat muchlike you would when matching wallpaper or a sewing-type fabric repeat. Then buy accordingly. OR, failing that, you can always sand the corners and then color the results with Liberon Cream or something similar.

Or call Dave and pick his astute noggin