Rolling Stones Shadow Box


Grumbler in Training
Aug 8, 2002
Jacksonville, FL
I have a client who has a number of items from past concerts (60's to now),photographs and other paraphernalia (legal). When and hopefully soon he'll bring these items in and I'll need to get creative with a design. I have some ideas, but wanted to see if anyone wanted to contribute. I promise I'll share actual photos when it is done. I can't paint or airbrush, and want to keep the frame square. Help is appreciated!

The cat's name is velcro (long hair)
Hi Velcro,

Sounds like a really fun job. I bet Marc with flowers in his hair has a few ideas on this one.

I have not tried this yet, but how about buying and dry mounting a psychedelic 60 poster on a mat, or even create a period collage mat from magazine article scraps, etc.
The poster idea is a good one. Possibly a duplication of an album cover. I see a zipper in it somewhere i.e. the "Sticky Fingers" album cover. That big tongue and lips emblem will have to be included also. Sounds like fun I love doing shadow boxes! Please show pictures as you finish it.

The more I think about it it would be so fun to somehow incorporate a real zipper on the mat......hmmmm I will mull this one over.
:D Thanks for those ideas! Hmmm I'm going to look up some 60's posters and I think a zipper would be really cool. I don't see what he has yet, but I will post it for sure. I'm also going to look at some old album covers.
Our downtown area has several "antique" shops where old LP vinyl records are avaialble for about $1 each. A few album covers could help.

The second-hand and charity shops are loaded with shirts of that vintage -- one of those could be drymounted for a mat.

I liked the idea of "flowers in the hair" also -- a few silk flowers, :cool: . . . and on.

You could find some re-prints of really old 'Stones concert posters. 'Specially the Altamont concert. Somehow, no offense, I don't associate the 'Stones with flowers in your hair. Not with Mick out front and Keith Richards 'looking better everyday'.
The Sticky Fingers album cover is an excellent idea!
You might try ebay for some suitable background stuff. I did an Elvis box, and got an early Elvis poster for about 50 cents off of ebay. We drymounted it sort of katty cornered for the back, then filled in the corners with blue suede. It was grand.

Susan :cool: