Rising Mat Boards

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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 18, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio
I just called to place my latest Rising rag mat board order to Small Corp. and they told me that they are getting out of the mat board business.

I just adore these boards- they are the ideal surface for my 'fancy pants' (that's for you, Bob) -that is, French, mats. They are solid core and you all know how I gotta have my solid core. And they have some antique whites that match old paper better than anything else out there.

Does anyone know of any other source for these?

Thanks evah so much,
edie the solidcore4ever goddess
Xpedx paper...... div of international paper

1-800-477-0050 for their Detroit warehouse. They supply print shops and have warehouses all over the country.
I get them from Turner Associates in Virginia.

But they don't have the mount bd I get from Small. . .waaah!

(I don't much care for change)
I knew something was afoot when they stopped letting me piggy-back my polyflute order on to my mat order (6 cases...free shipping). Oh well, so much for my source for 60 x 120 4-ply rag matting.

Um, just fyi...UMS has Rising...not all I understand, but they got some.
Thanks everybody!!!

Jerome, the guy in the fine art paper dept. of XpedX had no idea what I was talking about. "Uh, I think that's old..." he said. FYI.

I left a message with Jon Dorfman's voice mail- thanks, Hugh!

I'll give Turner Associates a call, too.

edie the hopeful goddess
I called Jon Dorfman as well, and they had no idea that SmallCorp was dropping the line. Legion Paper is the national distributor for Rising.
You could also get it from Don Mar. They have all of the sizes of course, the WAY oversize probably couldn't be shipped but you can get the regular size UPS'd to you.
Jon Dorfman told me that M&M carries the full line.

Could that include the 60x120, as well?

Too late to call today- I was lookin' for more to do tommorrow.

Stay tuned, Rising fans.

edie the thethickplottens goddess