Rice paper (dragon paper) Float Mount


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Jan 20, 2006
I took an order to float mount a watercolored rice paper on a linen mat.

What acid free adherent can i use?

Where can it be purchased?

The layout is awesome but need help on the details. Thanks
When I was newer at framing I used a glue stick to attach a colored Chinese cut paper piece. Don't do that! The colors ran a bit, but the customer didn't seem to notice. Is the piece you're framing cut paper?

Check the archives under Chinese paper. There's info there about encapsulating it.

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we did a fragile=-type thing of love letters written in 1930 on chewing gum wrappers. Very old, translucent and fragile.

We encapsulated, then floated using "S" hinges.

Might wanna consider that approach with the
rice paper too
A traditional Chinese colored ink painting on Chinese paper?

If so, use light weight Japanese paper hinges and wheat starch paste pass through hinges at top. Others can advise on whether pass through hinges should be used at bottom, or only those cute "V" hinges.

Alternately, you could use self made double sided "tape" from Lascaux HV 360 acrylic emulsion and Japanese paper. Lay paper on plastic sheeting, brush with adhesive, let dry overnight. If necessary, peel paper off and coat reverse. Let dry overnight. It should now be double sided sticky. Cut strips as required, it should be pressure sensitive, or use v. low heat to confirm bond. Use small strips at top, bottom.


I like to mount these to a piece of rag board- 2 or 4 ply, cut just a titch smaller than the artwork. I mount the hinges to the back of the art and then fold those over the top edge of the rag backer and tape 'em down to that. If it needs hinges on the bottom, I will add those.

Then I strip a square of linen off the backer and use pva glue to stick the rag board to that. I make a note on the back as to where the hinges are placed and how to undo them. If the paper has an interesting edge and the frame is deep enough, sometimes I sneak a layer of fome core under the rag board to float it up a bit so that the paper edge casts a neat shadow.

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