Rewrapping Moulding

Larry Peterson

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Apr 8, 2003
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I keep about 60 different mouldings in stock. A lot of them come wrapped two to a bundle and are stored on a 11' vertical (almost) wooden rack with vertical dividers for seperation.

My problem is preventing damage and scratches to the mouldings once a bundle is opened and part is used. I'm as careful as I can be but I seem to end up with small scratches on the unprotected mouldings.

Lately I have been rewrapping the unused moulding to prevent damage but it is a pain and time consuming. What do the rest of you do? Do you rewrap? Leave it unprotected? Or something else?
I generally re-wrap delicate mouldings, but not tougher scratch resistant ones like oaks. I also save tubes and use them as separaters. I'm really not that careful wrapping and often use the same wrap the mldg came in or rolls of shrinkwrap.

Dave Makielski
I don't re-wrap, then I get annoyed that the moulding is dinged up. Go figure!

Some of my distributors ship the molding in plastic tube bags (14' by 6"), they might be easier to use if you are going to try to re-wrap.

(Another one of the beauties of buying chop and straight cut! Love straight cut, free shipping like chop, no extra to damage like length.)
I still have some lacquer moulding I use very rarely(hate the stuff) But I just cut off what I need from the packaging and keep the rest wrapped up like I got it from the manufacturer. Haven't had any problem with it scratching as much and returns seem to be okay too if there are flaws.
just buy a roll of polytubing in whatever width you would use the most of. If you hang the roll on a wall over a table it makes wrapping moulding back up very easy!
You could try using the “Mini Rolls” from ASAP they are very easy to use and great for rewrapping moulding, I have found many uses for this product ……no business of any type should be without them…….in this part of the world we call the rolls “Handy Wrap”…..I even stick one in my suit case going on holidays in case a case busts open I have used it to wrap a bandage when doing a dirty job and they are great for wrapping around the edge of a frame to keep it from getting scratched…….endless uses… a few and try them you will not be disappointed …..


Thanks for the help. Either the stretch wrap or poly tubing will make my life easier. Uline carries both products.

They have poly tubing in 2, 3,4 and 6 mil thicknesses. You can see the 2 mil tubing at A 2"x3000' foot roll is $38.

They carry 3" and 5" mini stretch wrap. You can see it at Unfortunetely, they only sell it in case quantities. The 5"x650', 100 gauge is $84.60 for a case of 12.
Recently I've taken to bundling lengths together face in when possible and using those 1/2" wide green velcro-like strips that lettuce and other produce come wrapped in. I can re-use them indefinetly. It doesn't protect the finish, like a total wrap, but minimizes the number of pieces knocking into each other... and it's free with the purchase of leaf lettuce!