Reviving a fabric mat


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 28, 2002
Albuquerque, NM
While cutting the window in a new fabric mat, I got a few creases in the nap. What's the best way to stand these little fibers straight up again?

Suede, silk, linen, denim, burlap or what?

Suede responds to careful steaming and/or a soft brush.

Failing in that, beat the **** out of the whole mat and charge extra for the embossed/distressed look.
HA! Sorry, Ron... a suede mat. I'm in a swing-state-campaign-bash fog tonight....

Sorry, I stuck my nose in here thinking it was about REAL fabric. :D

Carry on
a foam paintbrush works well (the kind you get at the hardware store for 59 cents). It will also remove specks of dust.
You can steam them out, or dampen them VERY lightly and brush VERY lightly with a soft brush.

You can put post it notes on the mat between the bar and the areas that get crimped and that will end your problem.
I routinely mist suede mat and press a mediumly hot iron on the surface gently. It is amazing what that will take out! And I also discovered that you can pick out a white spot, scrape up some fuzz from the edge of the mat, touch a teeny toothpick of white glue on the no-longer-there white spot, tap it about 20 times with the edge of a razor blade (kind of like they show preparing cocaine on TV; no personal experience here) and wait until the glue sets. It is the greatest forgiving surface. I love selling suedemat...