reverse mount bevels


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Nov 19, 2002
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I have tried several methods of cutting reverse bevels on a manual mountcutter (I use a keencut ultimat gold)with varying degrees of success.

But my own method is much more simple.

Say you want a 3" border all around. Set the margin guide to 3". Set the start of cut stop to three and three sixteenths*. Set the end of cut stop to three and one eigth*. Cut the mount face up. It will not fall out, so insert a blade along the bevel into the corner, at an angle to create the overcut at the back of the board, without affecting the front.

*these measurements may differ depending on blade depth etc. Trial and error on offcuts is required to make the start and end of cuts meet perfectly on the face of the board, but once you know the settings for your own equipment/blade depth, reverse bevels are very very simple.

If the calculations get complicated for unequal mount margins, then do what I sometimes do - Say you want three and a half inches at the bottom and three inches top and sides - just cut the mount three and a half inches all around and then trim half on inch off the top and sides. Slightly wasteful, but very quick!