Retiring and Closing Shop - Everything Must Go!


Apr 27, 2004
The children are all grown up - college, weddings all covered - time to have some fun. Retiring and moving on by the end of February (hopefully). All equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventory has to go. Everything is in good working condition. Call if anything is of interest - photos available; request via email. Kathryn



$ 2,600 Pistorius Double Mitre Pneumatic Saw with Measuring Arm, Feeder Table, Extra Wood/Metal Blades

750 Jyden Mitre Chopper with extra blade set

5,500 Gunnar 2100 Computerized Mat Cutter, Production Grande 40x60/Stand/Operating Computer

450 Fletcher 60” Table Mat Cutter with Square Arm

950 Fletcher 60” Wall Mount Glass/Plexi/Board Cutter with Measure Arm

450 VacuSeal 3444H Heat Press with Stand

1,600 Corona Site Mount Heat Press 40x60 48”x65”

650 Removable Work Top table/stand for 40x60 press, with Foam Board Storage beneath 51w x 8’ x 37”t

990 AMP VN2+1 Pneumatic Underpinner with custom fit work table and bench storage below

495 Electric Thumbnail Router

650 Silent Aire 50NS Compressor

75 Attach-EZ Mount Starter Kit with instructions/video

25 ea Shop Vac and Front Carpet Vac

50 Dust Collector for Saw

35 Logan Disk Sander


Front Room

$ 195ea Front Work Counter – 4 10-drawer Flat Files, 45w x 36”d x 33t (drawers are 2.25” deep) 4 Available

350ea Metal Flat File Storage: 3 5-drawer units, 43w x 32d x 51t (inside drawers are 40w x 30d x 2t) 3 Available

350 Checkout Counter/Register/Electric Hookup 94w x 23d x 42t

250ea Wood Veneer Slat Display Stand,2-sided 50w x 26d x 60t 3 Available

200ea Wood Veneer Shelves/Drawer Display Stand 45w x 16d x 76t 2 Available

50ea Glass Jewelry/Gift Case 15w x 14d x 64t

250 Cherry wood and Glass Lighted Tall Display Case 48w x 24d x 80t

125ea Spinner Corner-Sample Racks, 30”w x 80t, 4 Sides 3 Available

75ea Three-sides Corner Sample Racks on Wheels, 18” x 70t 2 Available

50 Artprint Rack 40x60

150 Office Desk/Chair/File Cabinets

70 Matboard Cart

15ea Metal Wall Grid, Black 2’w x 8’t 6 Available

Back Room

450 Work Table with Vertical Sectional Storage Rack Beneath 12’w x 4’d x 34t

350 Work Tables with Vertical Mat Storage Compartments Beneath 8’w x 4’d x 34t 2 Available

350 Glass Storage Rack 8’w x 4’d x 4’t

150ea Moveable Work Tables (with wheels) One is 33w x 40d x 36t , the other is 36w x 48d x 36t

Also Available: Nielsen Metal lengths, Wood length, Assorted Glass, Foam Board, Matboard

Security Hardware, Screws, Hooks, Wire, Offset hardware, etc

Andrew Lenz Jr.

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 18, 2007
Santa Cruz, Calif.
Hershel, given that the original post is almost a year old, you might be better served calling or emailing her.