Restaurants near Javits Center


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Oct 20, 2003
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Can anyone recommend a moderately priced place to have dinner near the Javits Center in N.Y.?
I was thinking of something non-chain and vegetarian friendly.
Not quite near the Javits centre……but John Ranes took us to Louie’s on west side the last time I was there… was wonderful….I had the Meat Loaf which was exquisite.

Enjoy NY


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I second Seth's recommendation of Junior's. A truly unique NYC/Brooklyn experience on Flatbush Ave. Good food and cheesecake beyond compare. Just one stop into Brooklyn on the subway.
There a blast from the past “Flatbush Ave.” that’s where my first wife (may she rest in peace) grew up……lots of memories flooding back…….

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that picture.

That's PROBABLY the only "moderately priced" place in all of NYC. We'll be arriving Saturday morning ourselves.

See you all at the show!


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If you take one of the shuttles from the show to tghe midtown hotels you can find all kinds of moderately priced food. There is a good deli across the street from the Sheraton were the shuttle picks up and drops off riders. Around 50TH and Broadway there is Ellen's Stardust Cafe. Down towards times square there is the Texas Steak House and the Pig and Whistle. Just look at the menus posted outside various eateries. You could take the subway to Little Italy, lots of great little places or ride a little further to China Town. Be a little adventurous, you will find something good.