* Responses * to 'Show off your web site'


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Feb 20, 2003
Adelaide - South Australia
Good thread Eric.

Took a quick look through the first lot, and I think there are some great sites there.
No bad ones.
Hope they continue to work for your businesses.

Dermot, I naturally though matting-systems was going to do with framing, but great products you have there.

Greg, you have some interesting and useful products there for framers too.
Can I apologise for my posting on Eric’s thread about Web Sites…..I over looked the bit about just posting the wed link with no comment……..if one of the moderators would be so kind could they move it to this thread.



Oh Dermot,
I hope you don't feel that the * Responses * bit was aimed at your reply in the main thread.
I don't feel your reply was out of place there at all, just wanted to put my reply somewhere, so created this thread.
I know that nobody specifically volunteered to have their site rated but there are two sites that make me think "HOLY CRAP".

Folks there are two new Grumblers who have sites second to none!!!!

Mat and Jen's site has really raised the bar. These look amazingly professional and classy.

Thanks for sharing. They are everything I would like to have in a site. If you would like please feel free to discuss anything you would like about your site.

They really stand out!

Welcome to the Grumble friends.
Heh Thank you for that Jay, my ego has hit the roof ;) ..

No really, it's wonderful receiving feedback on the site and it's fabulous that it's positive feedback, really appreciate it.

Your site is great as well, I can tell you've thought out the graphic design of it. You're thinking of redoing it, what are you going to change?

No worries…..I did not think you were having a go at me, I’m just embarrassed that I hijacked Eric’s thread…….Eric once again sorry…..

I think your idea of a response thread is super, I posted the stuff about my web sit more in excitement, I truly astonished at how much work I have managed on my own site…..and mostly how I have managed to bump myself up in the listings at the search engines ……

If I have managed so much with so little knowledge of how to position a website…..God only knows what I will manage in the further….

One thing I have learned over the last few months about a website is that you have to manage it and keep it fresh……..someone said to me that you need to manage a website like you would manage a sales person……..I guess if a sales person was left on there own and not motivated they would not produce much…..

My aim in posting about my site was to stimulate some discussion about how to manage a website going forward.

BTW my new business is a dream it was a retirement sale that I bought…..the owner had done little with the business/agency….I have a open market in front of me as I’m the only one in Ireland which is focused on this market area……..it’s a good move for me as it brings me back to the type of business background I had which was test, safety and laboratory product sales……….

..picture farming has being good to me and I have learned so much about business here on the Grumble……….

….it was a sad day yesterday….I passed one of the last of my framing customers on to the guy who is now looking after my framing customers……….

….I still have a bit of work left to do to tidy up what is left of the framing business…….I have stopped making frames except possible for myself.
WOW! thank you for such great responses, and yes there are a few outstanding ones from a field of VERY GOOD sites.

Dermot, your reply was very informative, and I did not post a link to my site because . . . I don't have one yet.

I wanted to see what Grumblers were doing in this area. I respect their input here about framing, and it only made sense to get their input on this subject as well.

I have some bigs goals for a site, some are more long term. Sometimes I can't 'see' in my head how I would design a site feature so that it does what I need it to do. Since we all have come common goals and needs, the solutions may be right there amoung us.

Keep posting your links! Heck, if you have seen a framer/gallery site that you respect - POST IT!