Request for help with a very special box


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Oct 5, 2002
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Ok, Folks. I've chimed in on everyone's else's designs, and, now, I want suggestions on a project of my own. It won't get done until sometime in Jan or Feb. Won't have time until then.

I think that most of you know, by now, the story of our daughter. When she was 6 months old, she was given a small stuffed Pooh, about 12" tall. This bear followed her the rest of her life. Where Katie went, so did the bear. We felt that, eventually, the bear should have had his own Frequent Flyer Card and medical insurance, as he went there, as well.
Since we lost her, I've had the bear put up in a very safe place until I could decide what to do with him. I want to frame him, and, obviously, this has to be a c/p project. I don't want to just stick the bear in a box. That's why I haven't already done it. I'm too close to this to have any really good creative ideas on what to do with Pooh. Ya'll help me, please.
I really don't know if this is even possible or if it can be made into c/p mount, but the first image that came into my mind when reading your post was of a pair of hands cradling the bear. Could articulating maniquin hands (sealed and wearing cotton gloves) be used for the mount in a shadowbox?
Happy Holidays, and best of luck on your design. Please post it once complete.
Now I'm really out of my depth here, but for what it's worth:

If it's a real Pooh bear, perhaps one of the Pooh book illustrations blown up as a background? Or a photo of your daughter - with bear? Bear with baby blanky?

We did a digitally produced mat for a project. Take a Pooh book or two or three with interesting colorful illusrations. Scan, use Photoshop manipulate the image, come up with a collage, go to Kinko's and have it put on 16 x 209 film. Them mount film to C1115--black consrvation board and you can put that in the background with pic of the little girl with bear in front.
These are sounding better and better. Thanks, Guys. The Pooh in question is one of the very first Disney Pooh's, but you couldn't tell by looking at him. He's been just about loved into non-existance. His eyes, nose, and mouth have all been sewn on a couple of times. He has patches on is patches, and places where we can't patch, because there's nothing to patch to. I'm considering sending him to Rebecca first to see if she can help him before I frame him. There are a lot of things that I could put in the box with him, as Katie collected all things Pooh as she got older. Her old room looks like a Pooh museum. Since I, too, love Pooh, we've just left it that way, as it makes an interesting guest room. She was also an Athletic Trainer at East Tennessee State University, and all of her awards are in there, as well. But, right now, I'm just really interested in making sure that Pooh is safe. That bear was her dearest possession.
Ya'll, I'm bring this back to the top just to see if anyone else has any other idea. I love what's been suggested, but I'm still open to suggestions. Thanks!