Report for 1930 from the National Picture Mirror and Frame Wholesalers' Assc

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 28, 1999
North Hollywood, CA
Wholesalers Anticipate Big Volume 'in New Year

Members of the National Picture Mirror and *Frame Wholesalers' Association extend their most *hearty greetings to the -wholesalers and manuf acttrers throughout the United States and Canada for a most happy and prosperous New Year in 1930.

Reports received by the Association from various parts of the country indicate that wholesalers generally went over *the top with splendid results *for 1929.

One of the best suggestions made for the advancement of the industry was that of H. B. Shick of the Indiana Moulding & Frame Co. emphasizing the advantage of having "get-together" meetings of wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers in the various larger cities throughout the United States.

This suggestion has the enthusiastic backing of the American Art Bureau as well as the PMF Manufacturers' Association. This plan will unquestionably develop a substantial degree of interest on the part of retailers of pictures, mirrors and frames with a resulting benefit to the public in general.

The recent meeting of editors of home-furnishings departments of the leading women's magazines throughout the United States sponsored by the National Retail Furniture Association has already brought forth many highly in*teresting and commendable articles in which pictures, mirrors and portraits have *been given their true place in the proper furnishings of the home. Our Association wishes to extend its sincere thanks to Messrs. R. R. Rau, Secretary, William F. Sullivan, Publicity Director of the Furniture Mart, and Clark B. Kelsey, Publicity Director of the National Retail Furniture Association, for their whole-hearted *interest in the *cause of better art in the home and having proper framed pictures, mirrors and portraits as a part of the furniture ensemble.

We are glad to report that Chairman of the Board, E. J. Brody, of the Boston Mirror Company is showing considerable improvement and we know that we reflect the expression of his host of friends in wishing him a complete and speedy recovery. E. H. Roberts, of the E. H. Roberts Portrait Company spent a few hours in Chicago en route to New York City to greet his son Harold who arrived on the "Bremen" following a trip around the world.

The January Furniture Market at the *American Furniture Mart, **Chicago**, will find quite a number of our Association members represented *with very attrac ~SSOCIAITION tive exhibits of framed pictures and mirrors. Wholesalers who have been cultivating this market are unanimous in their enthusiasm of its possibilities. *Truly, the well-conducted retail furniture *store is one of the best *outlets for framed mirrors and pictures *today.

The annual convention of the PMF Manufacturers' *Association *which is held jointly with the wholesalers as well as the picture publishers and the Allied Trades of the industry will be held again in Chicago either the last week in April or the *first *week in May. *Present indications point *to a most successful event with an attendance surpassing the big turn-out of 1929. Make your plans so as to be on hand without f ail.

Several of our members report having had very interesting visits with E. E. Cravens of the Cravens-Green Company, Huntington, West *Virginia**, who recently completed a business tour of the *Middle and Southern states.

One of the chief advantages of the National Trade Association is the amount of *helpful suggestions sent in by the members for the constant *betterment of the industry. When you consider that there are over twelve hundred national trade associations of various industries you can readily see that the idea of organization is fundamentally sound.

Our industry, the same as all others, is ever-alert to the possibilities of improvement and for this reason we welcome suggestions of constructive nature. It is easy to find fault, of course, but that is true of any business. The main thing is to know how to analyze the situation and then to express its requirements intelligently.

Every wholesaler of pictures, mirrors and frames should be a member of this Association; he should lend his most active support to the cause of better merchandising and the perpetuation of our Code of Ethics whereby our particular industry and our national association become identified through the benefits of unity of purpose and progressive ideas.

The best resolution you can make for the New Year would be to adopt an inflexible rule of knowing more about your business. The successful jobber or wholesaler is he who knows his business conditions at all times; who buys and sells on a definite, intelligent plan and knows what it costs him to do business.

Keep *your stock of merchandise in tip-top condition at all times.*

Be a friend to your fellow-merchant. Competition you will always have just as does every other business man. There is a big place in this world for friendly competition and your Trade Association helps all of you to enjoy better business all around.

*Start off the New Year with the *idea *that it will be a bigger and better *year f or *you. *You can do it in 1930!