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removing marker marks from matt


True Grumbler
Mar 2, 2002
A customer just came in, has a framed photo with a matt around it with signatures. On the top, the ex wife signed her name in purple marker, he has now remarried and....................
He would like the name removed, he is against putting any plate with dates or pins over it. WANTS IT REMOVED. I have never had any success with removing any markings off matts, Any suggestions?? Thanks for any ideas!
It could have been worse... it could have been a tattoo. In fact, come to think of it, I think a tattoo would be easier to remove. If you manage to do it you will be able to add "Miracle Worker" to your business cards.
I would have had 5 words to say to this customer:
"You've got to be kidding!"

Okay, truthfully, six words:
"You've got to be ******* kidding!"

I know this doesn't help, but sometimes I have to remind even myself that I am a framer, not a magician.
Unless you can find Mister Peabody and rent his “Way Back Machine” to take you to the second before she signed the mat, that guy’s is out of luck. The signature is there to stay.
Mecianne: My thought exactly (under my breath)!

I pretty much told them the only way was to cover (pin, etc) But to satisfy them I told them I would do some checking around!! ;) That I have done.

Thanks for your comments
Have Great Day!!
Isn't this like the photo stuck to glass questions? Meaning how about offering to scan the mat, and photoshop out the offending name!

Then print it out on a big Iris printer.

Any takers!
You can also try to cut out the name, and match in a patch with the same mat color. But it'll cost him!

Would I try it, **** no and because the "scab" will draw attention to rather than getting rid of the evidence of his "ex". By ridding his photo of "her" he will inadvertently immortalize her! Can anyone remember any of the other names on the Declaration of Indepence other than John Hancock? (Rhetorical questions I know some of you can rattle off all the names!)

BTW how big a mat is it?
I think the Photoshop idea is the best idea... Would keep all signatures intact except hers!

The only success at taking permanent marker off a surface I have had is orange hand cleaner, but that was off a table... not a paper mat!!
You didn't say what kind of matboard it is. I've worked with paper mats (Crescent) in a situation like this. I very gently peeled the top layer of paper off and cut out the offending area. Then, I backed it with another thin paper and drew in a decoration that helped it blend into it's surroundings. When that was done, the back of the paper was coated with a thin layer of adhesive (Elmer's) and replaced on the top of the mat. The entire mat was put in the vacuum press for a few minutes to ensure adhesion. Worked perfectly. I should add--there were no C/P concerns with this-purely decorative piece. Further advice from the experts may be needed to ensure archival qualities.