Removing a mailing label on a magazine

If the local magazine retailer doesn't have one,
call the publisher and get a new copy.

(then tell the customer how much work it was to remove!
just kidding!)

Kidding about lying that is, not about getting a new copy. Unless it's an antique or something, then I wouldn't touch it!
I just edited as you were posting.

if you REALLLLLYYYYY want it removed, get thee to a conservator that can deal properly with the adhesives.

I certainly wouldn't attempt it.
I have used Undu, but not on anything that is a collectible or of value.

A quick call to a paper conservator might give you an easy solution.
Paul, it's autographed.

But, 1986 is probably a picture of the Mets so couldn't be worth that much. ;)
I have had success with a hairdryer on this sort of thing before. Try it on another Sports Illustrated first and see how it goes BEFORE doing it on the signed copy.
I have hd good luck by putting it in the freezer. Most of the time they just pop off.

On an item this old though I would bet the adhisive has stained the paper and I would also guess that the cover has faded everywhere but under the lable. That being said I would leave it alone.
Had a lady bring in a SI one time that she had bought at a Swap-meet. She had no idea things were so expensive but she just knew that her son would just love the cover that was autographed by that nice man Harold Aaron.

But could I just remove that mailing label. "I'm sure my son doesn't want any mail that was going to someone with a name like Barny Bondo or something."

I winked and said that for the continuity of the authenticity, the mailing label should stay on.

As I was fitting it later, we had a nice laugh about Barny Bondo....[Barry Bonds].

Sometimes you just gotta let it ride.
It's likeone of those comparison questions on the GRE test.
Barny Bondo : Barry Bonds
Ringo Starr : Richard Starkey
:cool: Rick
and didn't Barry Bond just tie someone's homerun record?? :D