Rematting and reframing question....


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Oct 15, 2002
Let me start this post by saying that this is not a complaint. I love all business that we receive. I just wanted some feedback about this.

It seems that this year we have taken in a lot of pieces that people just want the mats replaced on or they have a piece in a frame that they would like put into another frame that they brought in. Over the years we;ve gotten them here and there but this year we have already taken in a lot more than usual. I just wanted to see if everyone is seeing the same things coming in instead of framing the entire piece new. Thanks for any input. JayRay
Jay, I've often done a "Spring Housecleaning Special" where I encourage customers to bring in things to have the matting and/or frames changed. This can also be done under the marketing of "Framing Check-ups".

Anything that gets them in the door is good. (In my opinion.)

We haven't seen a significant increase in the number we do.

If your neighborhood has an influx of new folks, they may not have a whole lot of disposable income left after their move, so they just do a mat change.

If your neighborhood is more stable, people remodel and repaint, so they just do a mat change.

If your neighborhood is .... heck, who really knows?
If the items coming in for rematting are high
value, remember that handling them entails financial risk and since no frame (the profitable
part of most transactions) is being sold, the
work on the matting must be priced accordingly.

I get quite a few requests for this, but always see an increase when yard sale season starts. Along with the yard sale frames and framed art, I get the creative types who bought some framing equipment at a yard sale or at the county and state fairs and drop by to see if I can help them figure out how to work the things. Usually, after a few attempts, the fun is gone for them, and the stuff gets sold again next year at their own yard sale.

I also attribute the increase in the spring to people sprucing up their homes, especially since so many people are trying new wall colors. Last week a lady brought in 26 previously framed pictures. She was redoing her family picture wall and had painted it another color. I reused frames on different pictures, changed mat colors, and reframed some pictures completely.

Business is business. Amen.
I just had one of these today. A woman came in with two old frames which we are cutting new mats and fitting new photos in. She also brought in 14 additional photographs to frame, all with new frames.
I have definitely noticed that people are being much more frugal. I had a woman come in for framing, decided to go and get ready mades at Aaron Brothers and have us finish the project with mats and fitting.

The up side of this is that they are coming in at all, a year ago these people where not even coming into the store. I look at it like they want to fix up their homes, they just are afraid to spend the money. As their confidence grows, so will our orders.

I was at Albertsons this morning and as the cashier handed my my receipt, she said I had saved eighty cents. (On my twenty nine dollar order.) The guy that was next in line said that President Bush would be along in a few minutes for a photo op. with me.

Originally posted by Terry Scidmore CPF:
Last week a lady brought in 26 previously framed pictures.
Hey Terry, we tied. I'm also doing 26 family pieces for a gal. Only I have to build 2 10' long shelves for them to sit on too. Oh and it has to be done by next Friday of course, the family is coming for Mother's day!

John: when Bush comes for his photo op be sure toa ask for equal time and have a photo taken with him while you filling your car with gas.....
I look at it like they want to fix up their homes, they just are afraid to spend the money.
When someone tells me they are remodeling I ask questions like: what kind of paint, flooring, furniture etc they are using. I find most are using high dollar materials in fix-ups. IE instead of using $9.99 a gallon paint they are buying $29.99 "signature" paint.
So as to the contribution to re-framing they have less to spend on full custom framing.

Am I wrong?
David, there are a lot of people out there, all with different spending habits, and different ideas on where there money should go. You are right, we get those kinds as well. Lets face it though, with most people, picture framing is at the bottom of their list. As the economy improves and people have more disposable income, then our lives will get better. In the meantime, we just have to grin and bear it.

Heh, Frank! Nice to hear from you! Glad that you got that job - only remember that Mothers Day is this weekend - May 9th, and that project has to be done this Friday, May 7th. But I know you work well under pressure!

You will be getting a call soon from our favorite shared customer to come hang her latest garage sale finds, and a Thomas Kincaid she bought on QVC. She had some interesting ideas on how she wanted the Kinciad framed. I am sure that you will be very diplomatic when you see it. And very glad that it is not hanging in your home!

Best to you!