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Oct 13, 1999
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That is a truly awesome job!!!
Wonderful job, Jerry!
FYI...... the brass was 1/8" square tubing. I placed slats of wood around the base of the tubes to secure (stronger than FC for lateral moving), then filled in with 1/8" FC....... 1/2" FC top and bottom was used to complete the mount package.
At last it's finished? how long did this one take up shop space? Must have been just a little nerve wracking having a piece like that around for too long, though I'm sure you stored it a safe distance from the lunch room. Nice work. Clever mount. I may have just hoped for a miracle.
Jerry, was the outside of the typtic leather? When I try to zoom in the picture gets very fuzzy..

I would love to see some close-ups on the mounts too...did you braze the hands onto the tubes?
Baer, the 2 mats are B4972

this photo is of the raw materials for the bracket - 1/8" square tubing and 1/4" flat bar. The "U" clip was bent on a vice and then finished free hand to get the 90°. These samples were the wrong size...
Everything was ground smooth with a Dremel style tool and then buffed on a buffing wheel after I soldered the joint with non lead solder.

The card on the left...... is a photo color balance reference card...... with 1 inch squares and 1cm squares (at bottom) I use this card for my appraisal documentation work.

Yes, the case of the triptic is leather, with a silk inside that is deteriating.

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Sweet. Thanks, that photo was exactly what I was looking for.

Yes, sad thing about silk. The leather work looks gorgeous.

Thank again for the peek.
Looks great. How did you decide on the mat proportions... ie the size of the top and sides and the bottom weighting?