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Oct 13, 1999
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I am having a problem with the release paper from pressure sensitive board (Crescent and Bainbridge) sticking to the face of 13" glossy digital roll paper from Epson.

Bainbridge has not had any reports of this happening other than our report. I have not called Crescent yet.......... They are Central time.

The prints are 40" x 13" and placed down on the sticky side of the board. The release paper is then placed down onto the pring and "gently positioned" - not burnished. At this point the release paper sticks to the face of the print. The print is not burnished this second time to the board and the release paper is sticking to a very wide border (white area of the roll). The actual print is only about 7" wide. This adhesion is so strong that the release surface is separating from the backing of the release paper.

Any ideas.
Thank you Crescent.

I called, after they opened for the day, and talked with Khris Koepper. He said that they have had an on going problem with digital surfaces - primarlly Epson Gloss. The product has a new release paper. I was using the last sheet from an old package.

His suggestion is to use the reverse side of the release paper for the older stock.

Once again thank you Khris for the info.