Registration Confirmation

wally pasbrig

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Mar 27, 2002
South Amana, IA
I registered for classes sometime ago and my credit card has been charged, but I have not received confirmation by mail or floor passes. Has anyone else received their "stuff" for the convention?
Hi Wally. I posted this same concern a few weeks ago. Finally today, after not hearing anything, I spoke with the WCAF folks and was told the badges are being mailed today. As for class confirmations, they are not sending those, but if you regitered and were charged you just show up for the classes. Good Luck.
Wally, there is a big check in area... they will take care of you there if you haven't gotten anything by the time you start peddling you bicycl. . . oh wait, that's Edie...

never mind...
Originally posted by Jason:
...As for class confirmations, they are not sending those, but if you regitered and were charged you just show up for the classes. Good Luck.
One way or another, there will be a way to verify that everyone in the room is supposed to be there. If a ticket or badge is not required to enter a class, then perhaps a monitor will check names off a list at the door. If that's the case, I would guess that if your name isn't on the list, you won't get in.

These class registration tasks are incredibly complex. To avoid possible delays and confusion, I suggest you bring some kind of proof of your registration to every class.
I would at least like a confirmation email; they have already had one problem with my registration, and I don't want to get out there and find a problem.
I was thinking the same thing. The bill hit my CC, but no confirmation of any kind. I wasn't expecting credentials yet, but something that says what classes they signed me up for, so I could verify things went down the way I planned?
A few short years ago, people were hesitant to even give out e-mail addresses.

Now it has become our "relied upon" method of receipt... oh how things change with time.

I'm sure that someone will kindly write a nice letter pointing out these wonderful, and very helpfull ideas, and send them AFTER the crazyness, so they can be considered and maybe implimented next year.

I think it would be very helpful to have an interactive screen-page that you can point and click the classes you want. As you pass over the class box, a drop down dialog box can contain a short synopsis of the class, Class size and spaces availabe. When the class sells out, the border goes red with a cross bar or something to denotes that it is no longer available.

Another thing would be to have a personal map generated...

You view the map of the Vender Room... again, as you pass over the little box, the drop-down states the Name, and what they sell...
If you are interested, you click on the box and it changes color on <u>your</u> map, which you end up printing out.

That way, you don't smack your head as the plane leaves LV, thinking... ooou, I really wanted to go see that new vendor...XQPMats...

It wouldn't stop you from wandering and finding new things.. but it could focus your productivity.
I apologize! Recieved my pass and a listing of the courses I registered for. They did fine.
I registered on line the evening of Dec. 19 and tried to use the United coupon for a free class and the site had no capabilities for "added value" anything. Thankfully for me I printed the confirmation form since at this time that is all I have. And I guess I do not get the free class, bummer! I too, wish for an email confirmation, after all, when WCAF got my email address two years ago, they supplied it to every framing site out there and I was swamped with advertising from framing companies.

Still I look forward to the show and classes and just getting away from 24 straight days of measureable rain here in Seattle, yes, the duck feet are starting to grow!