Registering your art

Gina Hurst

Sep 2, 2002
Good Friday Fellow Grumblers,

Just curious what ya'll thought of this site?

It is a site where artists, owners, museums, or businesses can register their art. No copyrighting or insurances.

Gina Hurst, CPF
Huntsville, AL
This is just a personal opinion so as Ellen would say take what you can use ,and you know what you can do with the rest.

If you want to Copyright anything it is a fairly simple task and cost very little so why bother with alteratives? Furthermore since this website makes a point to explain that your work isn't protected by any offical Coptright I'd like to make a suggestion that I learned from the Copyright office.

You may affix the ® with a C in it to designate that you have applied for your copyright even before you receive your OFFICAL COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE. However a simple trick to verifie when you APPLIED for your copyright is to make a copy of the application and mail it to yourself. When it arrives do not open it. Store it instaed for future proof. The Canceled postmark on the sealed envelope may just act as proof of "REGISTRATION" and bares the actual date of the application as per the US POST OFFICE. Thus for the price of the copy and envelope and postage you have done what might be the same as this registration and you don't need to pay any "REGISTRATION FEES".IMHO.
good way of building a list of who owns what, powerfull source list for future secondary market acquisitions
I think they should pay me 10bucks to tell them what I have.
Seems like they are filling a 'need' that they created themselves.

What happens in two years when the company is sold or goes out of business? Where does that leave the investors, I mean customers?