reflective control glass spots/stains


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
was given some large pieces of "image perfect" nonref glass(both sides appear to be 'frosted') that have been water soaked. opened them up and tried to clean them...windex, LJ cleaner, vinegar and have discolorations all over then glass---sort'a like what gas on water looks like...this will NOT come off... any ides what it is?? any suggestions how to remove it?? hate to waste 5-40X60 sheets, but is useless to me this way.. thanks for any info W.W.

The image perfect glass has a "micro-etching" on both sides of it. Zuel, the company that makes it, sells bottles of cleaners for the glass. You can spend the money, or simply use Rubbing Alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol evaporates faster than the ammonia in windex, thus less streaking.

My local supplier stopped selling image perfect, otherwise I would still stock it. It really is a great product, if a little expensive. OK, a lot expensive.

Those “blotches” are fairly common with the Image Perfect glass that I get, too. However, it is usually most objectionable when the glass is viewed from an angle; not so much when you look at it straight on at a normal viewing distance.

I have learned to handle the stuff with cotton gloves and try not to clean it if I can help it. When I cut it using a wall mounted cutter, I “pad” the cutting surface with a clean sheet of mat board. That seems to cut down on the potential abrasion issue.

Cleaning it with the Isopropyl Alcohol or the stuff that IP tries to get you to buy helps a little if you follow it up with SprayWay. Using a lint free cloth and not paper towels makes a lot of difference.