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Apr 26, 2002
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I understand most RC glass needs to be no more than 3 or 4 mats from the art to avoid making the piece look blurry. Is there a RC/UV glass (museum or conservation) that might work in a shadow box only 1" or so deep?

Denny, it's called museum glass, put out by TruView. There used to be a lower priced product called Denn Glass, don't know if it is still around. Both of these glasses are pricey, but they do the job.

…or ImagePerfect® Museum.

I believe they still make DenGlas® Conservation.
Originally posted by Dancinbaer:
I understand most RC glass needs to be no more than 3 or 4 mats from the art to avoid making the piece look blurry....
"Reflection Control" is a Tru-Vue brand, and it is etched non-glare glass, with or without UV filtering. All etched glass products have this same disadvanage; the distance between the art & glass amplifies the diffusion of the image.

What you should use is the kind of glass that reduces reflections with coatings instead of etching. That would be Tru-Vue's "AR" or, with the UV filter, "Museum" glass.

Since Tru-Vue dropped their price on these coated glass products, I've been selling a lot more of them. But I think that's mainly because I choose to sell them more, since I haven't dropped my retail prices as much.

COGS is lookin' REAL good on orders with Museum glass. :D
Denny: I think two mats is really the suggested distance on the RC but I'll have to pull out my TV info. My experience is that it really depends on the art. For 1" I would take the Museum glass suggestion. Denglas is still available but since TV lowered the price on Muesum they are very close in price.
General Glass distributes an AR glass called MiroGard. It also is water white, so you don't get any colour distortion like Tru Vue AR gives.
I have used perfect view on shadow boxes with amazing results. PerfectView lets more light pass through than RCUV and it is UV. I am using mostly Perfectview these days. Once a customer uses it, they really do like it.

Candy, I must be crazy. I had to buy some for a client and I hate the stuff. Are we speaking of the same product? To me, it fuzzes just like RC and costs more. Maybe it's something else?

Also, I wonder if PerfectView is still being made. It's not in the L-J catalog (which isn't too surprising) but it's also not on the Tru Vue website (which is slightly more puzzling.)
I don't think perfect-view is a Tru-Vue product, but a competitor. I've tried it but find that it fingerprints if you just look at it, and it's tricky to clean and keep clean. Also, it seems to be prone to not breaking off evenly at the score line. At least that's my experience. Anyway, I think it may be discontinued- at least it is from my distributor.
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Any chance you're thinking of Image Perfect, Rick? Sounds just like it.

Now I know for sure there are too many glazing choices. I suspected as much a while back when I asked my glass rep a question about a Tru Vue product and he pulled a cheat-sheet out of his case.
Perfect View is a TruView product and it is still made. It comes in three sizes - 24x36, 32x40 and 36x48. It was introduced as an alternative to Image Perfect which is made by Zuel. Perfect View does NOT need any special cleaners and it is very easy to use. Image Perfect requires a special cleaner and I suggest if you use it that you send a bottle of it with each customer.

Because of the way Image Perfect is etched, finger prints (oil) will imbed itself in the glass and after about 24 hours will never be able to be removed.
My local M******'s store sells only Conservation Clear, Conservation RC and Perfect View. (All TV products) They use the Perfect View on shadow boxes etc. I have seen a couple that don't look too bad, but then I saw a couple that were terribly milky. I couldn't figure out why the difference. Color? The depth wasn't that different. Different manufactureing lots? Maybe the etch varies?

If there's depth and you want to control reflexions, then Museum seems the way to go by me.
Denglass is still in business, they are located in Moorestown, NJ. Their glass, UV Denglass is coated on both sides instead just of one side. Their number is 856-235-5201 ask for Leslie, she will be able to tell you where you can get it locally.

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I would be willing to bet you can get PerfectView from TCMoulding (or is it TCMolding? :D ). My best guess is that the more "milky" glass was reflection control and not perfect view. I use regular Sprayway cleaning on the perfect view with no problems. I really cleans up nicely. If I use gloves while working with it and never touch my fingers to it, I don't really need to clean it at all and sometimes don't.


I have only recently tried it on the shadow boxes, I was really surprised at how nice it did look. The perfectview lets more light pass through and therefore, it is clearer than RC and has even less glare than RC.

However, if money is no consideration, museum glass is definitely the way to go. I still struggle with the pricing issues of museum glass for most of the work I do. I use UV glass on everything now. Of the three types, clear, RC, and Perfectview, the perfectveiw is my preference and therefore, I do sell more of it. Customers are even asking for it now.