Reds Pennant

Rick Granick

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Jun 30, 1999
Cincinnati, OH
A recent project: a souvenir of the first game played in Great American Ballpark.


:cool: Rick
I like it!

Whose moulding? (There's an article in the latest PFM about colorful mouldings, so they're on my mind.)
Nice job, Rick!

Is that first, second, or third base??

It's first Tom, no skid marks.

Rick, I am SO stealing that design. And I just got some Astro Turf...
Stealing a base, eh? .......
The moulding is from Bella- one of their "less expensive" ones.

I used that Alphamat that has an embossed grasslike pattern for the green. (Astroturf would be cool, but might be hard to cut accurately.) The base is a reverse-bevelled square of linen matboard. Back mat is Crescent "Sand" or equivalent. Pennant is stitch mounted. I think I used acrylic spacers.
:cool: Rick
Rick, it is a chunk of the "Original" Astro turf.. from the Astro Dome.

The guy has had it forever.. how long has that stuff been around? e-gads. I guess his dad helped make it or lay it or something like that. It has a chunk of the zipper along one side that they used to zip the field together, or change seasons..

Now I know how to mat that sucker. "Stealing a base" is exactly what I had in mind.. Thanks again Rick.
You've hit a home run with that one, Rick - great design
Nice design Rick!

For a second I thought it was 2 black and red stacked frames! But then I realized it is the picture border which is black

Actually it would have looked also great with 2 black and red frames!
That looks great! Just got a call to do a U of Minnesota pennant...good ideas here! THANKS
Can you say "green embossed suede?" Stolen!


Carry on
Very cool. And I attended the last game at Crosley Field and the first game at Riverfront Stadium, back in the good old days!
Can I expose my inexperience in different mounting methods and ask: "what is stich mounting?" I'm sure some of you are "grumbling" and saying go away newbie, but I gotta ask in order to learn.


Fair enough, basically it means that it is sewn down into place.

Welcome along, ask away!
Rick ,Lance and DLB isn't that method of mounting also called couching and in this case done to the mat? Also couldn't a sink mont have worked just as effectively since most pennants are very stifff and wouls stay flat under the mats? Saving all that sewing. Can you tell Marie was better witha needle than I ? LOL in fact we used to joke and say she was "NEEDLES" and I was "KNOTS" and sometimes it was NOTS.LOL

It is real nice any way you did it. I once had a selection of team pins and I cut a very similar mat design only smaller and it showed the entire base line and field and each pin was a player's postion. Home plate was the hardest to cut base and the batter's boxes and foul lines were done in v-grooves , and the frame was mounted on the diagonal. Sorry I don't have any pictures anymore.
I'd be afraid to just use a sink mat, because in heat and humidity changes, it might sag. Sewing is indead a better way to mount them.

Oh, and Buddy, I think of you as being NUTS, not KNOTS! LOL :D
Sue that was supposed to be asink MOUNT not sink mat, You made me look since I made that same mistake once already.( called it a mat when I meant a mount) But everyone knows I can't spell .I mean MONT is close to mount than mat. Isn't it? But then a couple of us here can't spell even with spell check.

And you're right Marie would often say 'No your NOT you NUT when we were in Needles and Knots.LOL And I must have been a NUT ( as some one else just posted)to think I was a real FRAMER. LOL