Red X

Possibly your image became corrupt, or lost its link???? This is what used to happen when I was managing a web site and the images got out of wack.
That's odd. I can click on the link you specified and see it immediately. It's possible that geocities doesn't allow remote links to files, as a policy, and may have found a way to block this if you aren't viewing it from a web page they host.

I just clicked on the link too and it worked fine.

When I returned to this thread the poodle was just romping across your post chasing after that red ball!

Check your "image" link to be sure that it is entered into your profile correctly. It should be or the icon wouldn't show up at all. And it did appear when I returned to this thread.

Mike may have a point about geocities blocking your transfer of the .gif file directly from one of their host sites.

I have that icon in my cache now and it shows up immediately upon returning to this particular thread. But, I went to some other posts that you made and it wouldn't show up on any of them.

I suspect alien interference but who knows for sure. :eek:

I joined that site, but the picture still doesn't show up. It says they do picture sharing. Maybe that is of real poodles.

I have it saved to my hard drive. Can I get it from there to my signature?
Originally posted by PurplePerson:
I joined that site, but the picture still doesn't show up. It says they do picture sharing. Maybe that is of real poodles.

I have it saved to my hard drive. Can I get it from there to my signature?
In order for an image to appear on a public web page it has to be on a web server. So unless you want to set up a web server on your computer and leave it connected to the internet all the time (both of which are possible but neither probably desirable) the answer is no.

You need to find a place that will allow you to post images. I am not intimately familiar with any, but if you do a search for "image hosting" you will no doubt find a ton. Maybe even some that are free. Or if you issue an appeal on TG, maybe someone will offer you a spot to post some things.
Hi PP,

Have you checked with your ISP server yet. Usually they will allocate a space for their customers for storing things on the web to post in other areas. You will need an FTP program like WS_FTP or Bulletproof FTP to actually move the image to the storage site but you can download a trial version of these to use or go to

this site

Do a search for "FTP" on their site. You will find hundreds of FTP programs, some freeware, some demos, some shareware. Most are easy to use. And look for FTP programs that may be a free download. You don't need all the bells and whistles, just a basic file transfer program that will move the image off your hard drive and onto the storage site.

Hi again, PP,

The ISP is the Internet Service Provider that you have your internet service with. They should be able to give you some storage space to place your images on.

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. It is a program that will contact your storage area via the internet and make it possible to upload your images from your hard drive to the storage space that you are using. You can download one of these programs from the site that I provided in my last post. You will need the URL (internet address, ie., Myserver is your internet server, mystoragespot is the name of your storage area that you pick (my storage spot is named "framer1"),

Read the "read me" file that will probably come with the download of the program and it will guide you through setting up and using the program. If you need any help, look for a computer geek in your area and pick his/her brain. They are more than willing to show you how the program operates. If that doesn't work, then contact me and I will do my best to get you through it.


I went to your "this site" and could not find storagesspot.

I tried it just on my search button and it said there was no place.

I am sorry I am so ignorant.

I will try Google.
How is CoffeeCup Free FTP

Version Number: 1.0
Revision Date: September 13, 1999
Byte Size: 719.7 KB (737,017 bytes)
License: Freeware
Description: Easy-to-use FTP client for file upload/download. Use an unlimited number of FTP accounts. Resume Broken Downloads. Transfer files in Binary, ASCII, or Auto-mode. Optional Auto-refresh on each file upload or download. Optional FTP Log transcription. Simple to understand program interface.

Yes, CofeeCup FTP is an easy program to use. The free version will do what you want to do.

You won't find that "myserver" thing on that website.

1. You must contact the people who you get your internet service from.

2. Ask them if they have any free storage space for you to use on their server. (as part of using their services over somebody else.)

3. If they provide storage for their customers, they will assign you maybe 10 megabytes of storage and they will give you a name to call your storage space. Usually this is your login name or your email name.

Ask them to walk you step by step through setting up the storage area and transferring text and images using CoffeeCup FTP program. They will be familiar with the program. It is used extensively.

To access your new storage area, you will use a URL (web address) that you can ask them for if they don't provide it to you. It will be something like the "myserver" thingy. I shouldn't have thrown that into the explanation earlier. I apologize for confusing you.

It they DON'T have storage space for their customers, there are other places on the net where you can get free space just by registering. We will deal with that when the time comes.

Good luck.


Go to: * = click on

Services *
Interenet *
Scroll down to
Click on button
Go to FTP*
Scroll down to*
read and click
Now you can upload file to an aol server.
Name your file in the box – click
Selectfile*(you are now looking at your hard drive)
I like to use images saved to my hard drive.
Pick your file and click
And you are done – it's pretty easy.

I believe your remote file name is case sensitive.
When you point to your file on aol remember to type in the remote file name not the file name on your hard drive, unless of course it is the same.
Should look something like this:
found it - up