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Apr 30, 2024
Hi, I’m currently learning to frame. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lovely artists and framer who is training me and selling all her equipment to me (very reasonably priced too!)
As I’m getting my head around everything, it would be wonderful to have a book that lists terminology, equipment etc with pictures that I can reference/study. Can any recommend a current Framing book that has this? I bought one by Kenn Oberrecht which is good but feels dated. Thanks so much 🙏🏼☺️
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Check out the PPFA Bookstore for most of what is available.
For techniques Jim Miller wrote some of the most current instruction books. He is a member here and you can get contact info doing a search.
A lot of the books on framing are no longer in print, so keep your eyes open for someone selling off their library.
Plan on attending WCAF next January for a smorgasbord of learning options.
Welcome to the G!

There is not just one book to tell all. Grab anything that you think might be relevant. Ask questions here, search our extensive archives and ask if you don't understand something. Be willing to learn new techniques, correct techniques and keep on learning as you will never be 'done'.

The most important issue with framing (my opinion) is to know how to attach different art/objects. Know what to do and more importantly know what NOT to do.
Don't trust youtube. (there are some legit videos on there but as you are learning, you would not know what is true and what is not). I would start with some books on proper mounting techniques (Chris Paschke, Jim Miller)
Hi, Larry01. Welcome to the Grumble! :)

Here are a couple of treasures to explore.
Frametek's 'Articles' section, and Chris Paschke's article library.
(Found as sections at the top of the web pages)

The best book of all................................ Set aside a weekend or three to read all about this.

The two links Shayla shared, as well as some other links I have found useful:

The books I have by Jim Miller are always on the top of my pile because I refer to them frequently.

I have also collected a couple of books by Vivian Kistler and some of the PPFA Guidelines series.

Some other links:

Besides the technical knowledge of framing materials and techniques, learning about design theories is important too.
I have a book called "The Right Frame: The Essential Guide to Framing" by Henry Heydenryk, Jr. (Copyright 2002 by The Lyons Press)
It is over 20 years old but is still a good start on the fundamentals of framing design concepts.
There is certainly more up-to-date coverage (either in book or online form) on this wide topic.

And finally, learning good custom framing pricing and business practices is important.
Plenty of excellent professional advice here on the Grumble, search the archives with specific search terms, there's a good chance someone has already asked or answered most questions you may have.
What specifically are you wanting to learn to do?
I'll share a thought or two
read anything you can find
back in the day, i read all the mags like Decor, ABN, PFM cover to cover. 98% might have been dated , not applicable to our system and often way too basic. But, when you hit that 2% and you learned something new, it all be came worth it
like panning for gold, you do it in search of a 'nugget'.
It's an ongoing process that never ends
Same applies to attending the WCAF conference. Just add a couple bucks to every fit charge and you are there. Even if you just pick up a couple of ideas that make your business more efficient, or your life easier, it is well worth it. But in addition you might learn a whole new skill, a new way of conducting business, or find some new products or tools... It is penny wise and pound foolish not to "just do it".
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