Recommendations on pneumatic point drivers?

Dan Serra

Jan 28, 2005
Los Angeles
Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you could recommend some brands of pneumatic point drivers. I have been looking at Cassesse and the Inmes FI-140 Flexi Point Driver ($135). I was hoping to find something in the sub $300 range but also don't want to buy junk either. Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Also which ones shoot flat?

This would be my choice... :D


Fletcher-Terry Pneumatic FrameMaster

Why Pneumatic? Fletcher Black gun....

and Green (Flexi) and Yellow (multi-point with screw hole for stacking and canvases)

Buy all three and a year supply of points, and you still have enough for a nice lunch out of that $300 you want to spend.
Hand injuries and the premature onset of arthritis negates that possiblity. I bought the Fletcher framemaster (black) and have been using it. My hand keeps me awake at night out of sheer anger. Have there been any case of Carpal tunnel using these guns? Then this friend brings me a 100 unit framing job...Thats a butt load of points.
We have a Cassese 6.15 and it has been sturdy and trouble free for about ten years. I have looked at the fletcher guns and was impressed by their design. Pneumatic point drivers are pretty simple devices - how they feel in the hand counts for a lot for us.

Why pneumatics? save 45 seconds (conservative number) each on unit on a 100 frame order and you are an hour and 15 minutes ahead. Do this on a regular basis and you can avoid spending many hours compressing a spring. Most of have the compressors anyway.

Peter Bowe
Saline Picture Frame Co.
I recently bought a Electrograff model from United.
Item # 5664 for about $150. There is also a manual version of this same gun (#5313).

They shoot both rigid and flex points.
The look just like Fletcher points, but are MUCH MUCH less expensive.

The normal points are only $4.72 per box if you buy ten boxes. MUCH less than Fletcher. (3000 points) Flexi's are about $6 per box if you buy then in ten box lots.

I cant say enough good about this little jewel.
I've used Senco staplers for over 20 years with zero problems.
FrameMakers: "I've used Senco staplers for over 20 years with zero problems."

Same here... a heck of a lot cheeper than point drivers AND the biggest advantage is if a rabbit isn't quite deep enough it really doesn't matter.