Recognize this print?

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
A guy named C.G. Morehead painted this thing. He’s isn’t widely known but a reasonably popular artist around Kentucky. He attracted a bit of attention with a painting of the oval office and another painting made completely out of peanut butter.

His style is very straightforward. He had an architectural background and painted mostly buildings. They were always rather simple paintings and nothing shocking.

I have acquired one that is way out of character for him.


Has anybody has ever seen this or familiar with it? I would like to value it if at all possible. I’m rather certain it’s valued somewhere between cardboard and the Mona Lisa. How can you value something like this? I have seen his “regular” prints sell for a few hundred dollars. I always break this piece out on "collectors" and while quite surprised, never offer to buy it.
Ellen, that comment gets my vote for the best one liner! :D
I really hope you don't have a lot invested in this piece.

Bob Carter calls slow selling merchandise a 'barking spider'. You may just have a perfect example.

Having said that, if I had it in my area and the artist was Bob Timberlake or Jim Booth somebody would buy it.