Recognize this moulding no.? Vendor?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am trying to match a moulding for a customer. The original piece was done about 3 years ago at one of our - ahem - favorite bb's. I do not want to lose the business and have her go back there...

It is so similar to LJ604603 Mahoghany Veneer - but the one we need to match is a bit brighter and more like a cherry veneer.

On the back of the sample (according to my snoop!) is the following number:351-0-01-685/cherry cross...

Anyone familiar with this number or moulding and where I can obtain - I would truly appreciate it!



PS If I have to resort to buying her old frame and giving her two brand new matching ones - I will to save the business but I still need to know the value of her original piece.
Roz, If Michael's is the BB that sounds like one of their Artistree numbers which is their own in house moulding made by or for them. It is usually knock off stuff so I'm sure you can match it but the numbers mean nothing to me.

No help at all huh?
Kathy, Thanks and yup no help! But I do appreciate the input... they have their own moulding - so all the lowend stuff on their walls is theirs, huh?!