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Sep 11, 2003
new england
Thought I would try a couple and see what opinions I would get...

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It did't work here either. it looks like you might have periods within the filename? (.)


PS: Just curious: From your profile, what is a "Master Framer"?
did we try to right click and select show picture?
Thank you lance

Perhaps now I could get some real opinions...
Pretty Cool!

What's the blood made of?

The blood is hot glue melted onto a piece of release board then painted the same color as the painted bevel. Then we heat the back of the mat with a tacking iron and place the drips and they self adhere without any distortion. Similar process to applying compo ornaments to a frame.
Very cool

How did you get the shards to stay put?

The blood definitely looks great, neat technique, will have to try it!

Where in New England is your shop?
95% of the shards are not attached. Just around the base of the glass to hide the glue. The rest are shaken into place just prior to hanging.
They look great, but what does the paper say with the broken glass?
Is it a divorce deal or did the customer just want the glass broken. It's a great look, I just don't get the reason.
That's some really creative framing!

Jennifer's the weddding invitation on the back
Those are cool Smitten. I don't know when I will have the occasion to need to know how to apply dripping blood to a mat, but at least now I know how.
I'm going to try that blood effect.
I have to frame a picture of a shark and I think that would look great

will make it a special effect.

thanks! great idea and nice looking frames