Real Cherry wood moulding

Pelican, Garrett Moulding is in Santa Cruz, just down the road from you. If you need larger (2-3" wide) then PW is the alternative.

I rep for Garrett, but retail I sell both. PW has a quarter sawn white oak with Hicks Plinth blocks that go well in our Craftsman neighborhood.

Garrett is 800 645-3344. You'll be talking to Lori or Debbie. Lori runs the place and Debbie and Tom Bergen own it.

Both Garrett and PW are a pleasure to deal with.
Garrett is also a full line distributor for Designer Moulding. Both Woods and Metal.
My vote goes to Picture Woods (but I am not gamiliar with Garrett). I dealt with them for most of the years I had a shop. Their miters are perfect, a plus if you do chop.

I think LJ's cherry are too shiney. They don't have the quality look of PW's.
Williamson has a nice line (it's called "Madison") of solid and veneer cherry mouldings from 3/4" to 2 1/2". Nice smooth flowing profiles without any embossing or adornments at all.

I use them for academic documents and awards and portrait photos. They are very rich and elegant looking and miter very cleanly.


P.S. You can call Williamson at 800-851-2467 and talk to most any of the people there.

(I could drop some names but that ain't my style). :cool:
I use Picture Woods and find their moulding to be of the finest quality. I think they might be a bit more expensive but I find that they send very little flawed moulding if you are getting lengths.