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Jul 23, 2003
tyler, texas
I have a customer looking for really cheap 8 x 12 readymade frames...The best price I can do them for and make a little money is about $12..He wants black ones and I don't have a supplier that can do them ...He's looking for about 100 of them to start
Sherry, when does your client need them and is it a ready-made with or with-out glass and backing?
How well do your know this customer? I may willing to do it but I need to know what are thier projected order may be. Thanks for offering the Grumble some work, that is very nice of you.
Thanks for your response...I know the customer very well...worked with him for 4 years and he is now branching out on his own in sports photography. He loves the 8 x 12 size of print..alas can't find the frames any more. I quoted him with glass and backing...but woould probably let him use my fletcher and let him cut his own glass and backing...the 100 to start may be too much...i'm not sure...and I have no idea what he may need down the road...he does sports photography and baseball tournaments in the summer. He formerly worked with the same photography business that I work for, and is pretty well known in the east texas area with sports leagues. I told him I would put a call out in this forum and see what I could find for him. Here is my e-mail address:
Wow, $12.00 is really a good price. Especially since 8x12 really isn't a standard size.

I'd love to know what moulding anyone would use to meet this want. The cheapest I could do that for is about $15.00. And that wouldn't include shipping or backing and glass.

You are so kind to allow him to use your equipment.

He really must be a good customer.

I'm not certain what your trying to do? Are you trying to get these frames for him for free?

I know if my cost on the moulding was 0.00 the frame would be around $12 - maybe $10.

8x12 is a standard size. Get them complete for 5.50 HERE
No Jay, not trying to get them for free...but did check out your link. I know the people he will be dealing with...and he needs something cheap...his photo packages are triple what the cost on those frames...he can make a few extra dollars on the frames too, plus provide the right size frame for the 8x12 print...this guy has helped me in the photography business and plus I have framed a load of stuff for him at not much less than I would for a complete stranger...and he's a pretty terrific guy to boot.
Thanks again for that link, I will give it to him
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