Ready for a new Buzz Word?


Rosenstiel's word - dunno what the difference is between that and a zheeclay

Do you know Rosenstiels? (Felix Rosenstiels widow & sons)

My rep's area is the South of England and also the Southern US - don't see him often! - Good guy John McFadden - real gravelly 'Sahth Landun' accent.
Sounds french also. I hate the french. I'm gonna call them what they are, "cheap copys out of a printer over priced as if they have any real value" or "ccooapopaitharv" for short.

I'm not sure how to pronounce that but I'm sure it sounds expensive.
Whats wrong with collage Ellen. You can make up a new word if you want, I think the term collage may have been invented to describe the work back at the beginning of the 20th when dadaists & surrealists were experimenting with the technique.Probably refers to work with words as well as image? Maybe it comes from chine colle' which is sticking two different kinds of paper together & printing over one or both. & then there the Jabberwocky that goes callou colle & snickersnack or somesuch muddlewuph. So go ahead & have a whack.