Reading your own old posts

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
Have any of you done a search and found something that you, yourself wrote years ago and thought "UGH! Did I suggest (or say) that!?"

Oh. I've wished I hadn't said things, but I have NEVER gone back and tried to read it again!
No, every word that I have ever uttered has been brilliant, pithy, and worthy of inclusion in a compilation of profound and memorable quotes, … you betcha.
Sometimes I'm immediately sorry, like when Baer does one of these..
.. in a reply right after I said it...and he's right! Ick.
Bill - what a hoot! We should all live on such pedestals.......good for the soul AND mind! I like your style!

Jerry, Cliff, Jo - I agree, don't look back. I just happened to do a search yesterday about lacing needleart (only one post came up...hmmmmm); it read "I use needleart board for needleart projects". I gasped, looked at who wrote it and it was ME~! Ha! Well, since then, I've been told that using needle art board is not a good thing and haven't used it since then. Live and learn! THUS, my question.

Val - I feel your pain.
I agree with Bill.