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Sep 1, 2000
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Anybody had any experience with these folks?
I was sent their by Lieberman's to get some canvas transfers done that Lieberman's didn't handle. I'm withholding a total rant at this point, but they have missed two promised ship dates and my client is not a happy camper.
I have been in contact with their customer service, and have requested a firm ship date from their production manager, but they have not returned my call. I asked to talk with someone in higher authority than the customer service contact, and they said I couldn't talk directly with them... :mad:

So anybody out there have anything that might ease my mind about these folk? I'm afraid my client is going to come in and ask for their depost and the cost of the posters (which they bought on-line) back.
No experience here Wally, but I will watch this thread closely. Lieberman's also suggested them, but I haven't used them yet.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Dave Makielski

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I have done a lot of business with them. Whit very little problems. I would suggest to do business directly with them and not thru Liebermans.

For some reason ordering through Liebermans always seems to slow down the process.

I have had some time delays with the crackle finish being applied to the canvas transfer and was told that was because it is senstive to weather conditions, but it usually was only for a few days delay.
I haven’t had any problems with Old Grange. I have never gone through Liebermans to get to them, though.

I started using OGG about 6 years ago. Admittedly I only use them maybe 3 or 4 times a year, but I’ve always gotten things back within two weeks of when I have shipped them prints.

I spoke to their service rep just two days ago requesting clarification about their new (to me at least) Museum and Gallery Wrap. They were courteous and friendly and explained the difference so even I could understand it.
I am dealing with them directly, and I did order a Museum wrap.
Lieberman's recommended them, as they are the ones that do the service for Lieberman's.
They are currently at 15 days past their advertised turn-around, and the last word was they were going to take another week.
Wally, my posts on this forum go mostly unnoticed, but the person teling you that you couldn't speak with a person of authority chapped my butt!

I was always told about 'going through channels' and the ever present 'chain of command'. Hogwash.
"It's easier for a stone to roll downhill than it is to try and push it uphill with a stick."

This outfit you're dealing with has certainly got a president, vice-president, Big Boss in charge of customer relations, etc. I'm sure there are resources at your disposal that can provide the name of the head honcho. The c of c comes to mind, and somewhere, buried at the courthouse, probably in the register of deeds office, is a charter with his/her name on it.

If it was me, I'd get the name, call them, tell them about your problem, and I'd almost guarantee it'd get fixed in the shortest possible time. You're a smart man, and you know you're not going to get any satisfaction from a minimum wage person who answers the phone, and has been instructed to tell you that you can't 'talk to anyone in authority'!

I played the chain of command game with the Fone Co for a whole year. Nothing happened until I wrote a letter to Frank Skinner, who was the CEO of the company at that time. I got a call, AND satisfaction within 24 hours. And the company, as it turns out, was wrong! Imagine that...

Good luck to you.
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My computer apparently has the hiccups! I have no idea how that happened, but I will ask Ron to delete the blank posts so as not to confuse anybody about how serious I was on the real post.
I used Old Grange Graphics about 2 years ago through Lieberman's and yes it took an extreme amount of time to get my art back. Glad to hear people say you get better results going direct. But on the other hand I have never been charged for the work they did ,even after I called and tried to give them money!!!!
We also use them several times a year. Have never had a problem. Always helpful. Alway reasonable turnaround. Always please with their work -- apparently talented staff do their brushstroked transfers. Have never had to contact anyone "higher" than the rep assigned to our account.
We use them from time to time. Generally good and reasonably quick service. Ordering the print through OGG rather than someone else speeds up the process for sure.

We're not doing as much with them lately -- but it's lack of demand, not issues with them.

We at Lieberman's appreciate learning that some of you have the impression that you receive faster service dealing direct with Old Grange than when you deal with Old Grange via Lieberman's.

We're looking into the situation. As always, our aim is to provide you the most useful and competitive services we can.

Bruce lieberman, Partner
Lieberman's Gallery
I received the pieces today via FedEx 2nd day freight. They shipped last Friday.
What concerns me most is that there is no accountability in the system for what happened between the time I was supposed to get the order and when I got the order. Especially in the light of the responses I got on this thread. I don't know if knowing what happened would help in any way, but knowing that it happened will make me ask more questions before placing my next order.
I am happy with the results, and the client is as well.

I guess that I was just that one order that slipped through the cracks in an otherwise efficient business. I think that the benefit of a doubt is certainly in order.

I don't think my complaints on this forum had anything to do with the expedited service at the end...perhaps the phone call last Friday and the fairly malevolent tone of my voice.